The Batman - Bruce Wayne (Credit - Warner Bros )

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman ,Trailer , Budget , Plot , release date , News , cast , new Suit

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The Batman 2022 Trailer Hidden Facts , News :-

the batman starring robert pattinson released an official trailer proving that you can go from emaciated vampire to eviscerating vengeance director matt reeves has only shot like 25 to 30 of this film and yet this trailer was so
damn good but now we’re gonna get into what new rockstars does best because like batman i too see the world as a crime scene filled with clues and visual details only decipherable with an overactive imagination and an appreciation for psycho research walls and in my pursuit folks i actually solved riddler’s first riddle i’m gonna decode it for you and the secrets behind why this nirvana song was chosen in this frame by frame breakdown of everything you overlooked in this batman trailer and my predictions for where this movie’s going spoiler warning in case any of my sleuthing reveals too much honestly it might let’s get started we open on a grisly murder a victim’s head taped up with the words no more lies written on it i love how these opening warner and dc titles stagger the way duct tape does when you peel it off the roll warner brings you hope for the future but i gotta say this is what we call overkill like speaking from personal experience you use maybe one or two pieces of tape if you want to shut up your captive in this case the killer saw the guy’s whole face as a lie that needed to be stifled the killer edward nashton paul dano this movie’s the riddler his green coat and green envelope are about as fanservicey as we’re gonna get
because this guy seems more inspired by serial killers in david fincher’s more films like john doe and seven were the zodiac

The Batman - Bruce Wayne (Credit - Warner Bros )
The Batman – Bruce Wayne (Credit – Warner Bros )

who of course was also a real life guy who could still be out there nah now we’re pretty sure who it is it’s me there’s this chilling sound of a breath sucked through a mask but notice how the victim’s duct tape doesn’t move near his mouth this guy is
dead so this is the breath of the killer through his duct tape mask wheezing after exerting himself to kill this man let’s keep sleuthing from your secret friend who we followed jim gordon jeffrey right into the crime scene but notice the apprehensive
glances from the other cops on the way in looking at us they’re sizing up the figure following Jim gordon batman putting us the audience in the boots of the world’s greatest detective trying to decode this scene game on now reeves said this would be a
year 2 batman not an origin story but also not an older grizzled dark knight returns batman meanwhile there is a spin-off series in the works following gordon’s work with the gotham that will be a year 1 prequel showing how gordon overcame pressure from these corrupt cops to forge this alliance with batman it was just announced that young actor barry cogan is playing a role in the
film now the victim’s hand is covered by a paper bag back in that first shot he did have something on his left hand maybe a ring
maybe a ring telling his involvement with some other shady enterprises one that the killer had to get by maybe cutting off the finger now we gotta talk about the music here nirvana’s something in the way it echoes the grunge lonely aspects of this version of bruce wayne who does in a way trap animals and struggles to empathize with them but there are two deeper layers of
subtext to the song that make it an even creepier choice see kurt cobain claimed the lyrics were about a time he’d sleep under a bridgenbut later biographers revealed that that river tide would have been too high for him to sleep under that bridge and that cobain was probably crashing at his friend’s houses so really this song is about cobain’s inner loneliness how he weirdly wishes he was homeless because yeah that’s kind of how depression works you judge yourself for feeling the way you feel and in a weird way wish that your circumstances were even worse than they are similarly this is how bruce’s mind is he has every resource to live comfortably he has a home with alfred but yet he still chooses to be a loner in the night rain but here’s even deeper reason see something in the way is the final listed track on the never mind album but in most pressings the song’s moody acoustic chords fade into silence and then you wait 10 full minutes of silenceuntil a secret track comes out of nowhere endless nameless it’s a violent outburst that really scares the hell out of you if you don’t know what’s coming so you think something in the way refers to something in the way of the loner lifestyle but the song itself is literally that something in the way of how cobain was really feeling inside just like how this batman seeks a secret that you have to wait through an endless void to get to and then it hits you with sudden violence that really comes from within your own soul reeves said that a big influence on his story was darwin cook’s batman ego comic which dives into batman’s psychology and the union archetypes that inspire the different pieces of his broken identity but anyway back to the crime scene having a clue let’s play a game just me and you yes crazy newspaper wall let’s look at it okay the gotham times the gothic gazette report about mayor don mitchell jr winning a historic third term defeating opponent bella rayal who in this movie is played by jamie lawson so that likely makes this victim gotham city’s mayor explaining why fbi agents would be on the scene lies written over at all suggest that mitchell’s election might have been rigged or believed to be and that riddler could be trying to expose that conspiracy so we get the big clue here riddler’s green envelope containing this card from your secret friend who haven’t a clue let’s play a game just me and you the kind of card is this who gives halloween cards why is a skeleton friends with an owl yeah you wouldn’t buy this off a stand this must have been custom printed by the killer and probably something much more than just a vague reference to the long halloween comic issue that everyone says this movie’s gonna be based on the owl i believe is a clue pointing to the court
of owls the shadowy cult that runs gotham city recently revealed as the villains in the gotham knights game who i believe could be behind this conspiracy that riddler is trying to expose with many secret friends who are now skeletons in their closets more on this later because more importantly the handwritten message reads what does a liar do when he’s dead and then on the other side a zodiac style string of glyphs that i have decoded so let’s code break this in okay the first thing you always look for is repeating symbols so the third symbol shows up twice at the end so it must be the same letter right also the second and the fifth are the same letter the fourth and the ninth are the same letter and the sixth and the seventh are the same letter so a double letter at the end makes it a bit easy does that mean it’s probably a consonants maybe l and that would mean the letter
before it is a vowel so you can apply this wheel of fortune scrabble type thinking working backwards that way while you look at the broader context the cover of the card is a pun the owl says who so it follows that the answer to riddler’s question would also be a joke so what does the liar do when he’s dead he lies still yep pretty brilliant word play that tells us something about the
riddler he sees a liar like the mayor as still capable of embodying a lie in his death and as we go through we’ll talk about
how this riddle answer will affect the rest of the story on to the next part any of this mean anything to you okay framed on the mayor’s wall is the headline moroni drug bust mirrors the sting operation historic soin the dc comics the maroneys are one of gotham’s crime families with salmoroni the guy who burned harvey dent’s face with acid the maroneys are rivals to the falcones
with john tuturo playing carmine falcone in this movie now i’ll say this it’s a bit odd for a mayor to get the media credit for an
organized crime bus normally that’s a d.a or police commissioner kind of win so i’m thinking that the falcones could have helped the mayor win re-election from an alliance in which the mayor took down their rivals the maroons okay we see our batman here he’s got a chest emblem that looks like it’s made up of two removable weapons maybe batarangs maybe blades
and the handles of them look like they could be the split shaft of a handgun handle one theory being that this could be the gun that joe chile used to kill his parents now he uses it as a reminder never to kill just slice through people’s necks and cave their skulls in i’m vengeance and i love how he’s introduced with the photographer’s camera recharge sound on the flash thxc expressing batman’s disgust that a killer trying to get his attention is what caused all this it’s my fault that’s why those cops gave me the side eye vengeance the truth is it’s a bit tough knowing what the right answer. let’s move on with the rest of the trailer you’re becoming quite a celebrity okay there’s a press conference with actor alex burns we believe playing police commissioner pete savage who savage’s right is actor khan o’neal both played roles in hbo’s chernobyl o’neil played the cowardly local official ferns played a heroic miner who uh stripped down to nothing i don’t know just worth pointing out because you can imagine maybe they were cast because those characters had certain values that they play really well and that they’ll use in this movie but we cut to a bit wider bruce’s external point of view on this press conference where we can see a very shaken gordon
and most likely the victim’s grieving wife we see bruce Wayne‘s covered face showing black eye makeup around the eyes something that batman would need to hide his identity under the cowl and something that past batman iterations tend to shy away from but i’mm so glad they’re sticking to it here bruce rides his bike through the cemetery that we saw in set videos and then
rolls up into the bat cave now this face is cavernous and then a ramp leads up into it it’s got two huge stairs and an overhang that if you look closely reads wayne terminal i want to say because maybe this is an abandoned subway station with bruce Wayne being able to use this grid to navigate gotham underground pop up wherever he needs to now why would a city’s public transportation network be abandoned well it happens all the time just look at my hometown jacksonville florida’s skyway i once used it to fight crime over seven stops one of those stops being between stops i’m just saying it’s hard to be jacksonville’s batman when a firefighter has to cradle you down to safety but actually there might be a story here because look at those moisture stains on

The Batman - Bruce Wayne batmobile (Credit - Warner Bros )

the walls of the bat cave back in that crazy newspaper wall another headline reading seawall construction stalled now matt reeves cited chinatown as an influence on this mystery plot chinatown is about la’s water wars in the 1930s the corruption behind urban irrigation and drainage so it sounds like this could be an issue in gotham too battles that were maybe resolved by the subway lines being flooded that way bruce could secretly later drain some of them for his personal use we hear andy circus says alfred cautioning bruce Wayne on his rising celebrity status something i assume that this year too bruce doesn’t really want yet
on to the next part why is he writing to you mayor mitchell’s funeral gets crashed literally only bruce Wayne stays in the line
of danger to save a kid i’m guessing this could be the mayor’s son because i think the mom there was the woman outside the house really anytime batman meets a kid the robin speculation begins and i did suggest some dark theories about how a dick grayson could tie into the story. car appears to be tagged with the letters d-o-a maybe for dead on arrival the later overhead shot shows it’s also marked with a riddler question mark with duct tape section it off in the letterboxes so i’m thinking the next clue in this mystery could be the car itself but the driver of this car is also a victim he is taped up and he has a neck bomb the yellow clue with a phone taped to his hand and i’m thinking the voice of the riddler that we hear later in this trailer is coming through this phone if you are justice please do not lie actually kind of similar to the way the dark knight joker rigged
people with explosives also the way he targeted a past victim’s funeral to make his next move hbo’s watchman also kind of did this but all of this could be foretold by that he lies still clue because it tells us that the riddler does not plan to let the mayor get buried peacefully if his eulogies are still just gonna be lies about his legacy moving on if you are justice please do not lie okay here we meet our selena kyle zoe kravitz not yet formerly cat woman according matt reeves but a cat burglar sneaking into the crime scene and breaking into the mayor’s safe batman later confronts her so i’m thinking she must be connected to the skeletons in the mayor’s closet neither plans to expose them or maybe make sure no one finds them and then some deal is going down outside the city of gotham sanitation east side depot and we know from tv that all characters who work in sanitation are really sanitizing and moving bodies and indeed later this deal appears the end in a shootout then in the rain there is who we are being told is this movie’s oswald cobblepot penguin though i gotta say this doesn’t look anything like colin farrell i know the actor gained some weight but he is unrecognizable they must have put on a ton of prosthetics they definitely hooked out his nose and plumped out his chin and if you look closely you can see they definitely added a scar running from his cheek to right below his nose and reeves confirmed in the panel that oz as we’re calling him isn’t yet the penguin boss yet and in fact he doesn’t like being called the penguin and then we see this gang with white skull makeup crosses extended skeleton like smiles kind of reminds me weirdly of that street gang for batman forever some are saying the white face makeup could be a connection to the joker but honestly i hope not we have seen plenty of the joker can we please take a break from the joker i love the character there’s just so many other rogues gallery people we need to explore like rinder like quarter vowels you get a quick shot of bruce working with the suit and his cowl in this red lit space kind of like that initial screen test i’m actually thinking since reeves was only working with limited footage from the movie that he shot so far that they might have mixed in some that early test footage close-ups of the suit in this trailer then batman scuffles with the Jim gordon has to hold him back very interesting example of the hostile rivalry between these authorities on to the next part what is the price for your blind eye okay during batman’s fight with selina kyle/Catwoman she wears a ski mask with pointed corners for the cat ears the mask does pretty little to cover her face it’s really just her nose and cheeks why cover only those parts maybe because she has a distinguishing scar on the same place that oswald copperbot does then we see the neckbomb victim actually detonates yikes it blows batman off his feet you can see they tried to use a bomb defusing robot to take care of it but nashton probably would have demanded the batman and the voice of nashton asks what is the price for your blind body suggesting a kind of reckoning for batman and the police for overlooking corruption in their own city but the key word there is blind as in blind as a bat maybe a reference to that final riddle in batman forever you’re as blind as a bat when it comes to riddlers we’ve come a long way my friends but yeah here blind is clearly a dig at batman for being too focused on nighttime crime that in the broad daylight he is blind to the crimes committed by city leaders next the hell are you supposed to be yeah you are the combat here is brutal batman blocks the machete blow you’ll notice his gauntlets are lined with quills some are saying similar to the dc vigilante talon who works with the court of owls but yeah during the fight you can definitely hear the guy’s jaw break when batman hits him in the face and then even after the ko he hits him twice more they’re so intense that i love this the reaction by the other gang members one of them clearly has tears in his eyes from the fear and right when we assume batman’s gonna say i’m batman i’m batman i’m batman good afternoon mr glee i’m batman we instead get this great mystery i’m vengeance but this isn’t random it actually echoes the classic three-line phrase from the nothing to fear episode of the animated series i am vengeance i am the knight i am batman almost like matt reeves knows that for many of us the truest batman is the voice of kevin conroy and i do hope that this batman says all three parts of that phrase throughout this movie maybe i am vengeance against the street gang then i am the knight against riddler or penguin and then the final i am batman against the true villains but more on those in a bit let’s move on we get some six shots of this movie’s new batmobile which is a muscle car with an exposed engine that burns blue so you know it’s hot it smashes through a pipeline in the pursuit of oz and then batman takes a few gunshots one the chest from the gang and he recoils on the impact and it looks like it ricochets the bullet to the thug behind him and then the shot of batman slinging up a stairwell past cops cops who fire at him yeah the hostilities are gonna get pretty intense and then finally the red title notice how it briefly gives the second a in the word batman cowl as it forms together and then inside the word is the bat chest emblem where you can see the points where it latches onto the chest armor maybe those are hinge points where the blades could retract like pocket knives

The Batman - Bruce Wayne (Credit - Warner Bros )
The Batman – Bruce Wayne (Credit – Warner Bros )

which i have demonstrated via arts and crafts i’m very proud of my work and then the final bit you’re part of this too oh my part of it you’ll see so in the batcave bruce Wayne removes a cow as he watches a video on this screen it’s hard to tell but it looks like the figure talks and then some text lays over them as it shifts to black and white now i want to say this could be bella rayal the mayor’s rival because this looks kind of like the editing of a political ad can you really trust this person paid for by the committee to re-elect don mitchell jr it could also be a video riddle of the riddler’s next target but i don’t know this riddler seems more into duct tape and flesh clues than you know ones made in imovie but the exchange between bruce Wayne and nation is the interesting part implying that bruce himself is part of this murder conspiracy matt reeves said that this batman will show a younger dark knights failed criminological experiment in the city that results in a mystery that implicates his own family’s role in the city’s history of corruption i have a feeling that we’re going to learn a lot more about thomas and martha wayne’s possible involvement in the court of owl’s cabal of elites in the city of gotham a conspiracy that could connect the recently murdered mayor the criminal organizations of the city and the true source of the rot in gotham that nashton is trying to expose and that batman will have to rip out the rocks the court of owls in the next movie look we’re going to continue talking about this movie and doing deep dives into all the biggest news coming out of dc fandom our breakdown .

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The Batman - Bruce Wayne (Credit - Warner Bros )
The Batman – Bruce Wayne (Credit – Warner Bros )

The Batman 2022 PLOT Predictions :-

(In an epilogue to his face-off with elliot , Batman Discovers that the true mastermind is the riddler . the riddler had used a lazarus pit to cure himself of cancer and during his time in the pit,deduced Batman’s Identity of Bruce Wayne . Having First Approached thomas Elliot with a cure for his mother’s cancer (the Lazarus Pit), the Riddler had instead allied with Elliot Against Bruce Wayne.)

(During His time working with Falcone and hill. Thomas used Arkham Asylum. Gotham’s Local Mental Hospital. Convicted People and took control of their land and money to make himself anf his partners even make sure that their “insanity” Looked Plausible . he injected them with the Chemicals they collected to make them act violently. Among one of his many Victims was Esther Cobblepot. Shortly afterwards, the trio built the Wayne Enterprises Tower on Esther’s Properly . Thomas also ordered the assassination of the Arkham family when they objected to his use of the Asylum.)

(The idea is we go back to year one.year one is the beginning, it’s the first appearance of this masked vigilante that unsettles the city. you start to see the story through the point of view of these corrupt cops and one in particular . the story is actually a battle for his soul. he’s a cop over generations and the history of Corruption is enormous and goes back many years.)

The Batman - Bruce Wayne (Credit - Warner Bros )
The Batman – Bruce Wayne (Credit – Warner Bros )

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The Batman 2022 Cast :-

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman

Paul Dano as Edward Nashton / Riddler

Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon

John Turturro as Carmine Falcone: A Gotham City crime lord

Peter Sarsgaard as Gil Colson: Gotham’s district attorney

Barry Keoghan as Stanley Merkel

Jayme Lawson as Bella Reál

Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth: Batman’s butler and mentor

Colin Farrell as Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot / Penguin

Additionally, Alex Ferns portrays Commissioner Pete Savage, while Gil Perez-Abraham, twins Charlie and Max Carver, Rupert Penry-Jones,and Con O’Neill have been cast in undisclosed roles.

Matt Reeves

Peter CraigBob Kane (Batman created by) Bill Finger (Batman created by)

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The Batman 2022 Budget :-

The Batman Budget $100 million to $110m million which I think is an absurd number really. It’s a film which will most definitely have a Batsuit, Batmobile, Batcave, Bat gadgets/tech – all of these things already cost $25m – not to mention the huge sets they’re building at Cardington Sheds and at WB Studios in London – on top of that, they’ve 3 villains played by Paul Dano, Colin Farrell & Zoe Kravitz. They’ve Robert Pattinson playing Batman who is taking a paycheck of $4m and then you’ve characters like Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Alfred (Andy Serkis). All these actors, suits/costumes & sets must amount to $75m to the very least. And since it’s a Batman film – it’ll easily have some VFX-heavy sequences and not to mention mandatory reshoots (as all blockbusters have) – so my prediction is that the budget is no-less than $160m.

The Batman - Bruce Wayne batmobile (Credit - Warner Bros )
The Batman – Bruce Wayne batmobile (Credit – Warner Bros )

The Batman 2022 be R rated :-

Is The Batman age rating PG-13 or R? While the official age rating for The Batman has not yet been confirmed, it seems very likely that the 2022 Batman movie will be rated PG-13.

The Batman 2022 Release dates :-

Argentina March 2022

Belgium March 2022

Brazil March 2022

France March 2022

Slovakia March 2022

Netherlands 3 March 2022

Russia 3 March 2022

Singapore 3 March 2022

Argentina 4 March 2022

Bulgaria 4 March 2022

Canada 4 March 2022

Germany 4 March 2022

UK 4 March 2022

Ireland 4 March 2022

Iceland 4 March 2022

Italy 4 March 2022

Lithuania 4 March 2022

Latvia 4 March 2022

Portugal 4 March 2022

Sweden 4 March 2022

Slovakia 4 March 2022

Turkey 4 March 2022

USA 4 March 2022

The Batman – Bruce Wayne batmobile (Credit – Warner Bros )

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