Marvel's What if Ultron (Credit - Marvel studios)

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Marvel’s What If Episode 8 Plot/Reviews :-

Episode 8 of What If is now out and the penultimate entry is filled with easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed. In this breakdown we’re gonna be giving a big recap of the entire thing before going into what could be happening in the finale next.Now what is a spoiler filled breakdown if not just a spoiler free one persevering? I really dunno but if you haven’t had a chance to check out the episode then I suggest you check out now . now let’s get into What If. Ok so last weeks episode ended with the biggest party pooper of them all arriving on the scene. Ultron had arrived and with him he brought not only his Iron Legion of Ultron Bots but also the Infinity Stones and Vision‘s face. I forgot to point out last time that the way that the mask opened up was clearly a nod to Tony Stark’s Iron Man one in reverse. Tony actually of course helped to build Ultron in the MCU and because of this it took on several of his personality traits. These included his speech patterns and sayings and one of them even triggered Kalue into realising who made him. However it actually went far beyond that and in the movie both the characters struggled over the word children. I absolutely love details like this and the episode should sort of be seen as Visions revenge for all those times that he died…which was a lot…it was a lot wasn’t it. Now the episode basically reframes Avengers Age Of Ultron and it asks what would have happened had Ultron won. In the film he attempts to shift his consciouness into Vision‘s body and had he achieved this then the character would have been almost indestructible. Whilst there are several callbacks to that film there’s also some nods to Wandavision and other films involving killer machines.When Ultron awakens in the Vision body, the shot is actually set up to look very similar to when Hayward activated White Vision at the end of Wandavision Episode 8. Beyond that I got a lot of Terminator vibes and that franchise is of course about an AI that ends up going rogue and it destroys all of humanity. When the Nukes are firing we can catch several shots including a farm in which the weapons are launched close to as well as the planet from space as the explosions go off. Similar sort of scenes happened in Terminator 3 and I think it might be a callback to that. The episode a whole is also basically taken the concept of the original Age Of Ultron comic and going completely wild with it. In that Ultron destroyed the world and the heroes had to band together in order to stop him.

Marvel's What If Ultron (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s What If Ultron (Credit – Marvel Studios)

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Characters like Hawkeye even retreated to bunkers and they fought on the landscape of a destroyed planet which included locations like New York and Sanfrancisco. Unlike the episode Wolverine ends up going back in time and stopping things but I really feel like they finally gave us the Age Of Ultron we wanted. The movie was very much in name only and it’s nice that they found away to give fans of the book something that falls inline with what many of us thought the film would be about. Now we start off with the Watcher overlooking a completely devastated landscape covered in what is likely the fallout of Nuclear Winter. We see Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow racing in on her bike and also catch clint with a metal arm similar to the winter soldiers. This was clearly taken from him in a tactical way so that the could fire arrows but he’s managed to regain the ability due to the synthetic. This is a slight switch up from the comics as in that when we joined Black Widow she was with Moon Knight instead of Hawkeye. He however did open the series so it’s nice they’ve managed to keep the character structure somewhat similar. Nat is desperate to outrun the machines as they chase he through the city and it’s not too long before they pick up Hawkeye who must have stole an invisible cloak from Harry Potter. Hawkeye now has his Mowhawk back like he did between the snap and the blip in Avengers Endgame. This was at a time when he’d lost everything including his family so it’s nice that they brought it back because of the symbolism it carries. Now I came up with a bloody great nickname for him in 2019 and that was Mowhawkeye but it never caught on. However I’m bringing it back and calling myself an underappreciated genius.The fight scene is extremely similar to his one against the Chitari in Endgame and it’s easily the best opening of the series for me. The Ultron bots leave Hawkeye looking pretty armless but you have to hand it to him the guy does some great falling with style. Throughout the scene Widow mentions the Hive Mind and this is somewhat a nod to the original graphic novel.
In that our heroes learned that Ultron had actually travelled into the future and that he was using the Visions body as a conduit in the past to make sure that the heroes had no chance of winning. Because Vision came from Ultron it granted him the ability to possess him and the episode somewhat does something similar with the MCU counterpart. Now it turns out that the pair have gone to the Kremlin which Natasha refers to as Home. Black Widow is of course Russian and this infamous icon is located in Moscow. We then cut to Tony Stark saying that he sees a suit of armour around the world whilst looking over Loki‘s sceptre. This of course contained the mindstone and it allowed Tony Stark to create what he believed was a peace keeping programme. Tony stark did a full u-turn on his original ideology as you might remember that he initially said he’d be out of the job with peace. However this changed over the series and upon leaving the cave the first thing he did was hold up a peace sign. In the senate he held up two and upon burying the hatchet with Captain America he said he just wanted peace. This idea to create peace in our time made him build Ultron which was of course his greatest failure. I think it says a lot about humanity that Ultron spent 30 seconds on the internet and just thought, yep, these guys got to go.In the intro we get several shots of Age Of Ultron including one in which they stood around the Vision cradle unit deciding what to do with it . However in the Multiverse, Ultron was able to upload successfully and thus he was near unstoppable. Ultron went after the nuke codes and completely decimated the Avengers because of his new abilites.We catch a quick cut of Caps shield completely destroyed on the floor and this is something that was seen in Tony’s vision at the start of Age Of Ultron, complete with a dead cap beside it. We see similar iconography to this vision including a slumped over Hulk and Mlojnir on the floor. Now I believe that this is located at the Nexus point which we learned in the film was the central hub in which all information from the internet flowed through. This included the nuclear codes which Ultron gets his hands on. General Ross looks over the entire destruction of the planet and Nat and Clint Barton/ Hawkeye only manage to survive because they’re in a quin jet when it happens. Now I’ve seen a couple people asking why it’s got a similar voice to James Spader and not Paul Bettany. Well this is because the voice very much came from Jarvis but as Ultron was the dominating personality it ended up sticking with the original in the end. After bringing peace to the world we watch as Thanos arrives on Earth in order to collect the mindstone. His entrance is very similar to how he appeared on Titan in Infinity War
but he doesn’t really get the same welcome from Doctor Strange and instead he’s immediately cut in two which was quite funny.

Marvel's What If Thanos (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s What If Thanos (Credit – Marvel Studios)

In the wide shot we can see that he’s now made his home at Avengers Tower and In Age Of Ultron we saw as a Quin jet runway had been put in place to allow easier access for the Avengers. Vision destroys the gauntlet and using what I believe are nano machines he makes himself into a living Gauntlet. This could be a nod to the comics as in that Tony made a suit capable of holding the stones but it could be a reach. Because of his new found gifts he’s able to alter reality and create as many ultron sentries as he wants. It’s at this point that he manifests a cape and though he had one as vision this could be a nod to the scene in which Viz mimicked Thor and created one for himself. From this point onwards he travels across the Galaxy independence daying everything and his first stop is Asgard.There’s a shot in here that I think could be a reference to Alien Covenant, namely the Ozymandius scene in which David arrives on the Engineer’s home planet and completely destroys it.Next he travels to the sovereign which is where we see the events from the opening of Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 playing out. Initially that was quite a fun scene packed with Baby Groot dancing but here it’s absolutely devastating.We watch as he travels to Sakaar and see the midst of a Gladiator battle and get not only an appearance by Korg but also the Grandmaster who dies in a manner that visually looks similar to Lara’s death at the beginning of Man Of Steel. Ego gets his shut down a lot as the planet is annihilated and the Xandarians are decimated. Captain Marvel arrives and calls him Skynet which is of course a nod to the AI from Terminator. She says she doesn’t think the film needs a sequel and this is because she had left Earth when Terminator 2 was made so she wouldn’t know it existed. Maybe she was right though cos, yeah some of them terminator sequel, not good.
Carol flies him into the planets core and though she almost destroys him Ultron bests her with the combined might of the Infinity Stones. Now destroying her completely ravaged the galaxy and it is possible that this explosion happens because Carol herself has powers which come from an Infinity Stone. The combined might of this destroys life as we know it everywhere but rather than finding joy in completing his task, much like Thanos there is some sadness to it. The work is done but it has robbed him of his purpose and because of the silence in the universe he’s able to attain another level of consciouness which allows him to witness the Watcher. This alerts him to the fact that there are other universes. Now the Watcher has been a character that’s appeared in all of the episodes so far and throughout our videos we theorised that he was gonna be the one that pulled all of the heroes together for the finale. Throughout the series you might have noticed that he’s been getting closer and closer and
closer every single time. First he started off as just a silouhette amongst the stars but as the episodes have gone on we’ve started to be able to see the actual details in his face. Because he was up close and personal in episode 5 and then took a big step back for 6 before going even further back for 7 we did theorise that the leaks were true and that the order of 5 and 7 had been switched. If we look at them in the leaked order I think that does line up and that the creative team might have swapped the order so we got the tease of Ultron last week, the fully focused one in this episode and then the big team up for the next one. That order just works a lot better than had they dropped it at five and though we’ll probably never know for definite if that’s what happened, I do think that the leaked episode lineup was indeed true. And that’s because I’ll never admit I’m wrong…neeeeeevvveerrr. Now we join up with Black Widow and Hawkeye once more and they travel into the file storage
centre of the Kremlin. Hawkeye asks if Nat has seen Raiders Of The Lost Ark and this shot is very similar to the one at the end of that movie. I wish they had’ve said, do you get the feeling we’re being watched but alas they get down to the busy work and attempt to go through the files one by one. Within them Widow finds Red Guardians shield and she ends up taking this.The Watcher gets a bit bored and like when you watch a friend play a video game, he starts shouting out that the key lies with Arnim Zola who has of course appeared in the MCU at several points. In The Winter Soldier he became an AI after uploading his brain to data banks below Camp Lehigh which we learned in Winter Soldier. He’s the only thing that can really combat Ultron but they do change the location to a hydra base in Siberia instead of keeping it how it was in the MCU. That is of course, if that base doesn’t exist in the MCU…dun dun dun…Zola is still alive.I would absolutely love to see him back in the MCU especially if they gave him his robot body from the comics and this highlights that there is a way to bring him back. Now he does get somewhat of a robot body later on but hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him.The Watcher weighs up whether to intervene or as this would of course have disastrous consequences. When Clint Barton /Hawkeye gives up he says ‘the death star plans are not in the main computer’ and this line is pulled Verbatim from the opening of A New Hope when a Stromtrooper said it to Darth Vader . Clint has given up hope but the analogue data files used by Zola are found by Nat and they head out to the base. This base in Siberia was also the location that we saw at the start of Civil War and it’s where the Winter Soldier Program operated out of. Unfortunately at this point Ultron breaks through the multiversal barrier and he states that destroying this is his purpose which may be a nod to Agent Smith who said the phrase repeatedly in the Matrix trilogy. In the hub they find the Winter Soldier tanks that were used to house the other Agents and as we saw in that film, Zemo killed them all. They activate Zola who states their names upon greeting them, much like how he did in The Winter Soldier.You might also notice that the instructions to activate him are in russian whereas in America they were in English. He goes to rattle off the speech that he gave in that movie but Nat shuts it down after saying that she’s already met a copy of him. Hawkeye threatens to wicked witch of the west him and pour water all over his computer and thus he agrees to their demands. They call in the cavalry and order a pizza from Ultron
which alerts it to their prescene. Hawkeye uses a USB type arrow and the character also had something similar in The Avengers.

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when he launched his attack on the helicarrier. This idea of uploading a virus to Ultron actually pulls directly from the comics as in Age Of Wolverine travelled into the past and told Hank to put one in place so that should the day come when Ultron goes wild that they’d have a way to stop him. Zola says Ultron isn’t the first genocidal maniac he’s had to deal with and this is of
course not only a nod to Hitler but also Red Skull. They destroy the data banks and fire an arrow into a sentry which allows Zola to infect it. They travel into a similar rocket area to what Tony Stark , Captain America and Bucky Barnes fought in during Civil War and it leads to a great action scene in which they go head to head with the hoarde
of Ultron bots intent on their destruction. In a reverse of Avengers Endgame, Clint Barton/Hawkeye is the one who ends up falling instead of Black Widow and the pair holding onto each others armsI think is definitely put in place to mirror the scene in which Nat dies. In a reverse of it, Clint Barton / Hawkeye is the one who sacrifices himself in this reality and we learn that because Ultron has travelled into the multiverse that Zola is unable to disable him. On the outside of reality, he and the watcher go head to head across the landscape of the multiverse which does look similar to the area that we saw in the Hyundai ad that I’ll talk about later on. Uatu manifests his own armour and the two battle it out which not only shows how powerful the latter is but also how powerful that Ultron is. Because of the Infinity stones he’s able to destroy ay reality at will and we watch as they travel from universe to universe. You might notice that the guy from last week who had pineapples on his shirt is back and it seems like his destiny is to be at the forefront of every alien invasion. On a times square billboard we can actually catch steve in the background being sworn in as the president of the united states and this is one of the best easter eggs I think has been in the show so far.
As Ultron punches him reality warps around them and we watch as the onlookers transform into Wakandans, before they become people from the middle ages and also Skrulls. It really sets up Infinite Ultron as one of the most dangerous threats in the entire multiverse and it’s difficult to think if we’ve encountered someone worse than this. Cut to The Watcher going to Doctor Strange Supreme’s home in which he too destroyed reality. We see him in his beast form but he does turn back into a human in order to talk to Uatu. He’s as arrogant as ever and he rubs it in the watchers face that he’s gonna have to break his oath. Similar to the Watcher, Doctor strange took an Oath as well in which he said he’d never take a life. However this version ended up doing it and they do share some common ground and you uatu do what you uatu do. Sorry I was gonna do a ‘do you uatu break your oath’ but lets be honest they’re both as bad as each other. He asks for his help and we close out in a similar manner to what we did in the strange supreme episode with us seeing his gem like reality. Now as for next time, there has been a lot of the finale that’s been shown in the trailers.Weirdly there’s actually more out on that episode than there was in advance for this
one and we will of course be getting a massive team up with all of the heroes from across the series. Marvel are so smart in the way that they do teamups and just like the way they set up the Avengers, they did seemingly standalone stories that gave us the origins of all of the characters that will be appearing in the finale so that when we get to it we can just
hit the ground running. Now so far in the sneak peaks and first looks we’ve seen several meetings including

Captain Cater meeting with Doctor Strange Supreme. There was also him meeting with Thor and the latter talked about Zombies which of course ties in with Episode 5. There’s been two big team up shots shown in the trailers and this included Black Widow,
Captain Carter, Thanora and Party Thor. The pan is pretty quick on it in the trailer but we can also catch T’Challord standing there as well. Also did you catch that Captain Carter has and updated uniform. Now, the Union Jack
on her chest appears silver much in the same way that Cap’s star does too? Don’t it make
you bladdy proud to be british. The other team up shot had Killmonger in his black panther costume, Thanora again, this
time a better view of T’Challa and lastly Party Thor. So yeah trailers spoiled it all before I even had a chance to.

Marvel's What if Ultron (Credit - Marvel studios)
Marvel’s What if Ultron (Credit – Marvel studios)

You might also remember that there was a Hyundai ad in which several of the characters from the series fought against Ultron bots and this is probably gonna be what we see in the final episode with the amazing new Hyundai, available now. In that ad The Watcher also used his powers and I have a theory that his interfering to stop this big threat actually causes the multiverse to split even more and that this sets up season 2. There was also a clip in the first trailer in which Party Thor said slow down as there’s people in the room that don’t understand and though he said it wasn’t him he was clearly talking about himself.
Now not only does this kinda show the over the top arrogance and vanity that this version of Thor has but it also lets us know that something quite complicated is being explained to a room full of people. My guess is that this is either the Watcher or Doctor Strange Supreme going over the multiverse to the heroes that have been pulled across to fight against this major new threat and it’s all just going over Thor’s head. This will probably be early on in the episode I imagine and it’ll help to get the heroes
up to speed before they go into a big fight. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens and because they’re multiversal versions there might even be a couple of deaths. There was also a shot in which Pepper and a young Shuri were fighting in what I believe is Wakanda as well as one of Ego holding up Peter Quill/Star Lord in the air to manifest his power. This makes me think that we might also get some parts early on in the episode in which we learn about what happened in the cliffhangers in the series. T’Challord fighting across the multiverse and not being there to stop Ego could lead to that reality being destroyed but we’re just gonna have to see. Now as for my thoughts on the episode I know this was another pretty depressing one but if you’ve been keeping up with our reviews then you’ll know that dems our favourites.
For me this is one of the best episodes in the entire series if not the best and I’m gonna have to go back and rewatch the strange supreme one and zombies alongside this to decide which one is my favourite. It also answeres a big cricistim that people have with the show which is that everything feels disjointed. As I mentioned Marvel are just sticking to the strategy of letting us get to know the characters before they bring them altogether and it’s nice we know that this is where they’re taking it. It looks like they’re doing the same thing with either the dark avengers or thunderbolts and it works really well in my opinion. The finale will be way better because we’ve had this set up and I actually think the series will work really well on rewatches because of this. Anyway great little depressing episode which is always fun .

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Marvel’s What if Series IMdB reviews ??

According to the current time,IMdBhas given 7/10 stars to Marvel’s What if, but it keeps changing according to the rating of every episode.

But if you want to see the absolutely accurate rating, then you can check onIMdBSite

Marvel’s What if Series Rotten tomatoes ??

93% TOMATOMETER Critic Ratings: 71

93% AUDIENCE SCORE UserRatings: 2383

But if you want to see the absolutely accurate rating, then you can check on Rotten tomatoes Site.

Marvel's What if Vision/Ultron (Credit - Marvel studios)
Marvel’s What if Vision/Ultron (Credit – Marvel studios)


Ross Marquand as Ultron/Ultron Sentries

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster

Paul Bettany as Vision and J.A.R.V.I.S.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange and Doctor Strange Supreme

Alexandra Daniels as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel

Lake Bell as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Mick Wingert as Tony Stark / Iron Man

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Brian T. Delaney as Peter Quill

Seth Green as Howard the Duck

Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster

Kurt Russell as Ego

Josh Brolin as Thanos

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Marvel's What if Ultron (Credit - Marvel studios)
Marvel’s What if Ultron (Credit – Marvel studios)

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MARVEL’S WHAT IF EPISODE ? Running time 31–37 minutes

Watch Marvel’s What if online or download on Disney+ Hotstar

Marvel’s What if on DISNEY PLUS HOTSTAR


Marvel’s What if episode 8 :- “What If… Ultron Won?”

Marvel’s What if episode 8 release on :- September 29, 2021


Marvel’s What if episode 9 :- ??

Marvel’s What if episode 9 release on :- October 6, 2021

And Marvel hasn’t given any TITLE confirmation for the remaining 1 episodes yet.

Marvel’s What if Review

What If is an animation series that Marvel Studios has started on Disney Plus Hotstar, this entire series Depends on the story of Marvel’s Phase 3 and has made this entire series a question leg, which we will call the question ‘What if’?



How to Watch Marvel’s What if TV Series on Netflix ?

What if TV series is the Marvel Studios project . in which their partner is Disney Plus, that’s why this TV series will not be available on Netflix, This will only be shown on DISNEY PLUS HOTSTAR.

How to Watch Marvel’s What if in Hindi Dubbed

Marvel’s What if Tv Series telecast on Disney+ Hotstar 9 August 2021 . But This TV series Not Confirmed In Hindi , Tamil , Talugu Language . But You can Watch this TV SERIES on Disney plus Premium Plan and iF you have VIP Plan. you can also Watch on Marvel’s What if Tv series on Disney+ Hotstar .

Is Marvel’s What If A Movie?

No, Marvel’s What if is not a movie.This is a TV series that is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.It is made episode wise by Marvel Studios.And the story of this TV series is based on Marvel’s Main characters Iron man , Spiderman , Thor , Captain America , Hulk , Black Panthar. And this TV series is called marvel’s What If TV Series

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