Marvel's what if - iron man

Marvel’s What if Episode 6 Trailer, plot ,Voice Artists , Review, Release Dates

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Marvel’s What if Episode 6

Marvel's what if - iron man
Marvel’s what if – iron man (Credit – Marvel Studios)



The story of What If Episode 6 begins between the events of Iron Man 2008 and Black Panther 2018. When Ironman takes his weapon Goes to Afghanistan to test. Tony Stark is returning from Afghanistan after testing his weapons US military.Then he is attacked by the Ten Rings Organization of Afghanistan.But in the movie, it is shown that those ten Rings Organization picks up Tony Stark. But the character of black panther in marvel’s What if TV series is killmonger. Who is the cousin brother of T’Challa / Black Panther in Black Panther 2018? And who is the villain of the movie?The killmonger in Marvel’s what if tv series and Black Panther 2018 is the same character.But the situation becomes something else. Killmonger appears in Marvel’s What If TV series. Where Tony Stark is attacked from the side of the ten rings. And Killmonger helps Tony Stark.And the missile that came to kill Tony Stark was written on that foot Stark Industries.And then killmonger lifts that missile and throws it And saves Tony Stark. And because of this, the timeline changes, so Tony Stark never becomes Iron Man. And what we have seen so far in Ironman 2Ironman 3, Captain America Civil War, Spiderman Homecoming, the Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame, and whatever Tony Stark has done in the movie after becoming Iron man. That nothing has happened.And Tony Stark takes Killmonger to the United States to save his life.Where is Tony Stark’s house? Then when tony stark talked to the media at the conference.tony stark tells how Killmonger helped him and how he saved him.And in the same conference, the killmonger has told that Obadiah Stane’s hand is behind all this attack.And there, the watcher’s sceneScene is here, and he speaks.A hero was not born because of a small change; at the same time, a human being could not become a villain either.In one scene in Iron Man 2008 movie, people see how tony stark stops were making weapons.But he talks about what if the tv series makes more weapons.And after that, Tony Stark and Killmonger become good friends.And he makes Killmonger the head of his company’s security weapons design.Pepper Potts begins to feel bad after seeing Tony Stark and Killmonger’s friendship.And she starts doubting Killmonger  And starts knowing about his past.And for this, she takes James “Rhodey” Rhodes’s help. And Tony Stark takes Killmonger to his lab. Where he sees his hi-tech things. He later learns that Killmonger’s father was killed in a gang war.Then Killmonger tells Tony Stark about his dream.Which is a project of Killmonger in MIT.In which there is a concept of making hi-tech robots.With the help of Tony Stark, he starts working on that project.Then he is not able to succeed much in that project.And Tony Stark thinks about the arc reactor in his mind.The arc reactor should be miniaturized and installed in hi-tech robots.But Tony Stark leaves that idea useless.Then Killmonger gives Tony Stark the idea of Vibranium, how with the help of Vibranium, we can power this hi-tech robot. And for Vibranium, he contacts Ulysses Klaw.And this is the same sceneScene. Again as we saw in Avengers Age of Ultron (2015). But this time, James Rhodes goes to talk to him about the vibranium.Or suddenly, Black Panther comes there.who attacks them.And when Black Panther goes to James Rhodes and starts talking to him.So Killmonger attacks both of them from behind.And when Black Panther goes to James Rhodes and starts talking to him. So Killmonger attacks both of them from behind. Black Panther and James Roday die.And then Tony Stark finds out very easily, with the help of Jarvis, that Killmonger is behind the death of these two.And Tony Stark attacks Killmonger with the hi-tech robots.But Killmongar has a Wakanda weapon with him.Which is made of vibranium.With his help, he fights with the hi-tech robot and destroys it. And then Killmonger kills Tony Stark too. And let me tell you that Tony Stark is dying 3rd in Marvel’s What If TV series. usse phele tony stark ko Episode 3 me mar diya tha. And then Tony Stark is killed in episode 5 as well. When he turns into a zombie. Iron Man has died four times in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like Ironman/Tony Stark sacrificed himself against Thanos in Avengers Endgame. Let’s come back to the story.Then General Ross takes over the Stark industries because of all those Tony Stark hi-tech robots.And Killmonger prepares for an attack on Wakanda with General Ross.But Killmonger’s real plan was something else.The same happens in the movie Black Panther 2018, as we saw. and used to fool Klaw, killing him and taking his corpse to Wakanda. so that the people of Wakanda would accept him. And warns King T’Chaka of Wakanda that America wants to attack him. That’s why Killmonger tells them we must be ready to fight them. But Jarvis shuts down those hi-tech robots, but Killmonger himself activates those hi-tech robots. And killmonger gets Wakanda attacked. And by destroying them, he takes his place in Wakandakillmonger starts fighting with Dora Milaje Wakanda Warrior against hi-tech robots. And then King T Chaka becomes happy with him and makes him a  Black Panther. And then after that, Shuri, who happens to be the sister of the previous Black Panther t Chala, suspects Killmonger from the very beginning. That’s why she goes straight to Pepper Pots and meets. And episode 6 ends here. And the ending of this episode looks like a shock to me. Because now it seems what will happen next. But we also know that Marvel’s what If is the name of this TV series. it can mean anything here.


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Marvel's What if - Iron man (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s What if – Iron man (Credit – Marvel Studios)


Marvel’s What if episode 6 :- “What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?”

Marvel’s What if episode 6 release on :-  September 15, 2021


MARVEL’S WHAT IF EPISODE What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes? Running time 31–37 minutes



Marvel’s What if episode 7 :- ??

Marvel’s What if episode 7 release on :- September 22, 2021

Marvel’s What if episode 8 :- ??

Marvel’s What if episode 8 release on :- September 29, 2021

Marvel’s What if episode 9 :- ??

Marvel’s What if episode 9 release on :- October 6, 2021

And Marvel hasn’t given any TITLE confirmation for the remaining 3 episodes yet.

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Marvel's What if - Iron man , Killmonger (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s What if – Iron man , Killmonger (Credit – Marvel Studios)



Michael B. Jordan              as                       N’Jadaka / Erik “Killmonger” Stevens

Angela Bassett                    as                        Ramonda

Chadwick Boseman            as                       T’Challa / Black Panther

Andy Serkis                            as                        Ulysses Klaue

Don Cheadle                           as                        James “Rhodey” Rhodes

Kiff VandenHeuvel                as                          Obadiah Stane

Beth Hoyt                                as                            Pepper Potts

Ozioma Akagha                     as                                  Shuri

Mike McGill                             as                              Thaddeus Ross

Jon Favreau                            as                                Harold “Happy” Hogan

Paul Bettany                            as                                 Vision and J.A.R.V.I.S.

Mick Wingert                          as                                  Tony Stark / Iron Man

John Kani                                 as                                  T’Chaka


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Marvel’s What if Series IMdB reviews ??

According to the current time, IMdB has given 7/10 stars to Marvel’s What if, but it keeps changing according to the rating of every episode.

But if you want to see the absolutely accurate rating, then you can check on IMdB Site


Marvel's What if - Iron man ( Credit Marvel studios)
Marvel’s What if – Iron man ( Credit Marvel studios)


Marvel’s What if Series Rotten tomatoes ??

93% TOMATOMETER Critic Ratings: 71

93% AUDIENCE SCORE UserRatings: 2383

But if you want to see the absolutely accurate rating, then you can check on Rotten tomatoes Site.


Marvel's What if - Killmonger , King T Chaka (Credit - Marvel studios)
Marvel’s What if – Killmonger , King T Chaka (Credit – Marvel studios)


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