Eternals and Avengers endgame , Iron man /Tony Stark (Credit - Marvel Studios)

How Eternals Related To The Avengers

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Are the Eternals before the Avengers?

Eternals and Avengers endgame , Iron man /Tony Stark (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Eternals and Avengers endgame , Iron man /Tony Stark (Credit – Marvel Studios)

they actually show you the celestials that’s probably one of the biggest things here is revealing what they’re going to look like in the film and they make a really big deal about explaining why they didn’t help out with avengers end game probably the biggest question that people had since the movie was announced if they’re so powerful why didn’t they help and they used kit harington’s black knight character to do that they justify by saying they weren’t supposed to interfere in the affairs of man the funny thing that they don’t address during this though is that thanos is an eternals from titan and he does carry the deviant gene so technically a deviant or someone with a deviant gene was attacking humanity in the rest of the universe there’ll be so many comments about that when the movie comes out and i’m sure they’ll have some moment in the movie that will address that even more because they do talk about the snaps in the blip but they give you the ticking clock here seven days till the end of the earth in the emergence what they’re talking about is the emergence of the next celestial there’s a celestial growing inside planet earth and celestials are massive massive beings so if you’ve ever watched a chicken hatch out of an egg it’s going to be kind of like that in seven days kaboom goodbye earth next big disaster right after avengers end game just one disaster right after the other tony stark is rolling in his grave right now what salma hayek’s ajak character is talking about though is the blip she’s talking about the hulk snap bringing everyone back releasing enough cosmic energy to accelerate the growth of this celestial inside earth they give you the flashback powerpoint presentation this is a celestial being born but obviously this is all out of sync in the timeline like the meteorite that seems like it’s crashing to earth sounds like it was the original celestial egg seeding itself in the planet the people that would have done that would have been the celestial host so this giant red celestial that sersi says is the one that told them not to interfere in the affairs of man nope don’t help out during any of the wars don’t save the earth from thanos that’s arishem the judge he’s the leader of the celestial host the green one later that you see wielding its cosmic energy seeming like it’s creating something is jemiah the analyzer

Marvel's Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)

A lot of people think that he is actually nowhere so nowhere is the head of a dead celestial so we’ll see if they pay that easter egg off during the movie that would be really cool the way sersi is explaining it to dane whitman’s character kit harington’s black knight character is that they were supposed to come to earth 7,000 years ago to protect the humans from the deviants that i think is a bit of a lie a lie of omission because really they’re there to guard the growing celestial egg that’s this giant structure that you see sersi touching as it lights up with energy connecting this to black panther and vibranium because they make that vibranium joke at the end of the trailer in the comics in the past characters have speculated that the vibranium mound was actually intended for the creation of a new celestial body you have to imagine one of these giant celestials just sort of reaching over into wakanda saying you know what i’m just going to take that yo i can just rip it right out of the ground when they’re sitting around in the circle here all wearing the same clothing i believe this is them reincarnating this is celestial energy coming into their bodies the red statue is meant to be a representation of arishem the judge eternal’s characters can be killed just like anybody else but they are super strong like they all have bodies that live for very long periods of time unless someone kills them but the reason why they’re eternal really is because they reincarnate into new bodies as she narrates you see them attacking some of the deviants this seems like it’s when they first come to planet earth like they’re all standing in formation like the power rangers we are here amongst you to protect you even though we have a totally secret mission we’re not going

Marvel's Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)

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to tell you about the other deviant that you see later in the trailer talking sounds likeit’s going to be Kro who in the comics i believe has a secret relationship with thena i believe the idea with the deviants in the movie though is that the celestials created them to protect the life that they were seeing around the universe and then eventually they just went off the rails

Marvel's Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)

and went rogue so then the backup was for the celestials to create the eternals to take care of their big mistake with the deviants hopefully they’ll also reference the cosmic hierarchy of the mcu or the marvel cinematic multiverse because we have loki the multiverse war he who remains now but the way it sounds like this plays out in the timeline of the mcu after avengers end game it sounds like all this stuff happens this seven day period before the end of the loki finale even though when you start talking about time travel the multiverse it gets a little crazy i think they just want to keep this movie as simple as possible because they’re introducing so many new characters so he who remains would know about what’s going on here but for the sake of simplicity i would just treat the loki finale with the true version of the multiverse the kang variants sort of manifesting is happening after the events of the eternals movie you see all them use their powers just a little bit they all have slightly different powers like phastos for instance is the inspiration for the greek god hephaestus he makes things that’s why richard madden’s ikaris character is like oh this is a perfect shelter you’ve built here i bet this is built out of vibranium as he smashes his table nope that one’s ikea all them wield the same celestial energy that the celestials themselves wield which is why all their powers are color coded the same even though they manifest in slightly different ways like angelina jolie’s character uses celestial energy to fashion weapons so really the stakes of the movie are that they have to find a way to either stop this celestial egg from hatching or to find a way to hatch it and not destroy the earth in the process and also stop the celestial host from coming back to planet earth and wiping it out when the collector was explaining the history of the universe the infinity stones and you see issan the searcher using the power stone to wipe out a planet i’m also wondering if they’re going to connect that to what’s happening in this movie the celestials are kind of like cosmic gardeners they go around seeding life on planets and when an experiment doesn’t work out they’ll just wipe it out and start over again but also the way they explain it in this movie the celestial that’s growing inside earth needs cosmic energy so i’m also wondering if they’ll try to connect it to that guardians of the galaxy is on the searcher moment with him using the power stone on that planet seeming like he’s wiping it out but maybe really he was just trying to unleash cosmic energy to grow another celestial and hatchet in that but i think the big thing in this movie is that he’s sort of the point of view character learning about the eternals for the first time and he’s sort of an audience surrogate like who are you what are you doing here why haven’t you helped us in the past why didn’t you stop thanos even though he’s kind of your cousin because this giant red celestial told us he would squish us like bugs if we did anything i believe the idea is that dane whitman’s character won’t actually become full-blown black knight till the sequels or other marvel movies because he is supposed to cross over into avengers 5 with sersi’s character but i think the idea is that they’ll tease his origin towards the end of this movie like he’ll learn about the ebony blade the curse of his family but i’m not expecting him to fully wear the armor until whatever the future sequels wind up being but in the way they reference the avengers in the last trailer they’re referencing the black panther characters vibranium in this trailer they’re sort of connecting it to the other marvel movies you sort of find out where they’ve been this whole time and how they were watching all the events of the mcu movies unfold i know there’s going to be a lot of timeline questions too you also have to remember that the events of wandavision take place many weeks after the end of avengers end game so i’m also assuming that Wandavision the hex and scarlet witch becoming full-blown scarlet witch doesn’t happen until after the events of the eternals movie but i think it’s pretty easy to make the assumption that they do save the planet because none of the other marvel characters in those projects were addressing a giant celestial shooting straight up out of the planet.

Marvel’s Eternals Trailer 2 :-

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Marvel's Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)
Marvel’s Eternals :- celestial host Ajak , Druig , Forgotten One , Ikaris , Kingo , Sunen , Makkari , Phastos , Sersi , Sprite , Thena , Zuras (Credit – Marvel Studios)

Marvel’s Eternals 2021 Plot & Storyline :-

The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations.

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), an unexpected tragedy forces the Eternals, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years, out of the shadows to reunite against mankind’s most ancient enemy, the Deviants.

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Marvel’s Eternals 2021 Cast :-

Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo

Gemma Chan as Sersi

Richard Madden as Ikaris

Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos

Lauren Ridloff as Makkari

Barry Keoghan as Druig

Don Lee as Gilgamesh

Lia McHugh as Sprite

Harish Patel as Karun

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman

Salma Hayek as Ajak

Angelina Jolie as Thena

Additionally, Haaz Sleiman portrays an architect who is Phastos’ husband and Ozer Ercan plays a smuggler. Gil Birmingham Jashaun St. John, and Zain Al Rafeea have been cast in undisclosed roles. The Deviant general Kro will also appear in the film as will the Celestials Nezarr the Calculator and Arishem the Judge. Harry Styles appears as Eros / Starfox in a post-credits scene.

Marvel’s Eternals 2021 Release dates :-

Australia 28 October 2021
New Zealand 28 October 2021
Germany 3 November 2021
Denmark 3 November 2021
Finland 3 November 2021
France 3 November 2021
Indonesia 3 November 2021
South Korea 3 November 2021
Netherlands 3 November 2021
Norway 3 November 2021
Philippines 3 November 2021
Sweden 3 November 2021
Taiwan 3 November 2021
Argentina 4 November 2021
Colombia 4 November 2021
Czechia 4 November 2021
Georgia 4 November 2021
Hong Kong 4 November 2021
Hungary 4 November 2021
Italy 4 November 2021
Cambodia 4 November 2021
Malaysia 4 November 2021
Nicaragua 4 November 2021
Portugal 4 November 2021
Serbia 4 November 2021
Russia 4 November 2021
Singapore 4 November 2021
Slovakia 4 November 2021
Thailand 4 November 2021
Ukraine 4 November 2021
Bulgaria 5 November 2021
Brazil 5 November 2021
Canada 5 November 2021
Spain 5 November 2021
UK 5 November 2021
Ireland 5 November 2021
India 5 November 2021
Iceland 5 November 2021
Japan 5 November 2021
Lithuania 5 November 2021
Latvia 5 November 2021
Mexico 5 November 2021
Poland 5 November 2021
Turkey 5 November 2021
USA 5 November 2021

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