Man of Steel :- Superman (Credit - Warner Bros)

Will Man of Steel 2 come ? Why is Superman called Man of Steel ? Is Marvel Making a Man of Steel 2 ? Everything you want to know.

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Will Man of Steel 2 come ? Why is Superman called Man of Steel ? Is Man of Steel a flop on Box Office ? Is Marvel Making a Man of Steel 2 ? Who was known as the Man of Steel ?  Everything you want to know.


Man of Steel :- Superman, Loise lane (Credit - Warner Bros)
Man of Steel :- Superman, Loise lane (Credit – Warner Bros)


Will Man of Steel 2 come ?


In 2013, the movie “Man of Steel” was released in the USA, and Warner Bros. announced that they were now preparing the DC Extended Universe. In this universe, live action movies will be made on popular heroes of DC, such as Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and many more. When Warner Bros. decided to make a Justice League movie, they knew they had to bring together all the superheroes into one universe so they could connect with each other. Warner Bros. wanted to make Man of Steel 2 after the Justice League 2017 movie was released, but all the directors they talked to (Matthew Vaughn, Christopher McQuarrie, James Gunn) refused for one reason or another. A few days ago it was rumored that Warner Bros. is preparing a reboot movie of Superman and that they will introduce the black skin Superman. Henry Cavill has said goodbye to Superman because of this. Many people believe that Batman v Superman is a continuation of the story started in Man of Steel because of the clear connection between the two movies. Henry Cavill has played Superman in all of these movies. This is not true. “Man of Steel” is not a second part of “Batman v Superman.”


Why is Superman called Man of Steel ?


There are many strong metals in the world like titanium, tungsten, neodymium, and steel. Out of all of these metals, steel is the only one used to describe Superman as strong. This is because steel is a common metal that everyone knows. It is also a popular and strong metal in common people. Superman is the strongest character in DC comics, that’s why he is called the man of steel.


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Man of Steel :- Superman (Credit - Warner Bros)
Man of Steel :- Superman (Credit – Warner Bros)



Is Man of Steel a flop on Box Office ?


Man of Steel was Warner Bros’s first project in the DC Extended Universe. They released many subsequent movies including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Batman v Superman, all of which were hits at the box office. At the start of the DCEU, however, Man of Steel’s success was not guaranteed. Man of Steel had a budget of $258 million and grossed $668 million worldwide, making it a superhit movie.


Is Marvel Making a Man of Steel 2 ?


The movie “Man of Steel” was released in 2013 by Warner Bros. Superman’s other name is Man of Steel, and he is a character from DC Comics. This is why any new part of Man of Steel will be made by Warner Bros.



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Man of Steel :- Russell Crowe as Jor-El (Credit - Warner Bros)
Man of Steel :- Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Superman’s Father (Credit – Warner Bros)


Who was known as the Man of Steel ?


Superman is the strongest superhero in DC comics. No other superhero can defeat him in a fight. This is because Superman’s body is very strong, like steel. He can easily handle any attack.


Man Of Steel Official Trailer ft. Hanry Cavill as Superman/Man Of Steel :-



Man of Steel Plot & Storyline :-


Superman’s parents sent him to Earth before Krypton was about to end so that he could live a separate life and help the people of Earth. General Zod also followed him and wanted to destroy Earth to establish a new Krypton.


Source Wikipedia


Man of Steel Cast :-


Henry Cavill as Kal-El / Clark Kent

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Michael Shannon as General Zod

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent

Diane Lane as Martha Kent

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White

Antje Traue as Faora-Ul

Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van

Christopher Meloni as Col. Nathan Hardy

Russell Crowe as Jor-El


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Man of Steel Release date :-


Philippines 12 June 2013
Taiwan 12 June 2013
USA 12 June 2013
United Arab Emirates 13 June 2013
Argentina 13 June 2013
Bahrain 13 June 2013
Bolivia 13 June 2013
Chile 13 June 2013
Indonesia 13 June 2013
South Korea 13 June 2013
Lebanon 13 June 2013
Malaysia 13 June 2013
Peru 13 June 2013
Puerto Rico 13 June 2013
Singapore 13 June 2013
Thailand 13 June 2013
Uruguay 13 June 2013
Canada 14 June 2013
Colombia 14 June 2013
Denmark 14 June 2013
Egypt 14 June 2013
UK 14 June 2013
Croatia 14 June 2013
Ireland 14 June 2013
India 14 June 2013
Kuwait 14 June 2013
Mexico 14 June 2013
Panama 14 June 2013
Paraguay 14 June 2013
Turkey 14 June 2013
USA 14 June 2013
Venezuela 14 June 2013
Vietnam 14 June 2013
Italy 15 June 2013
Belgium 19 June 2013
Switzerland 19 June 2013
France 19 June 2013
Iceland 19 June 2013
Norway 19 June 2013
Bosnia & Herzegovina 20 June 2013
Switzerland 20 June 2013
China 20 June 2013
Czechia 20 June 2013
Germany 20 June 2013
Greece 20 June 2013
Hungary 20 June 2013
Israel 20 June 2013
Italy 20 June 2013
Cambodia 20 June 2013
Netherlands 20 June 2013
Serbia 20 June 2013
Russia 20 June 2013
Slovenia 20 June 2013
Slovakia 20 June 2013
Ukraine 20 June 2013
Austria 21 June 2013
Bulgaria 21 June 2013
Cyprus 21 June 2013
Spain 21 June 2013
Pakistan 21 June 2013
Poland 21 June 2013
Romania 21 June 2013
Finland 26 June 2013
Sweden 26 June 2013
Australia 27 June 2013
Hong Kong 27 June 2013
New Zealand 27 June 2013
Portugal 27 June 2013
Bangladesh 28 June 2013
Estonia 28 June 2013
Lithuania 28 June 2013
Latvia 28 June 2013
Namibia 28 June 2013
South Africa 28 June 2013
Brazil 12 July 2013
Japan 30 August 2013
France 8 September 2021


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