Who is stronger Hela or Dr. Strange? Can Hela defeat Doctor Strange? Doctor Strange 2 Plot ? Doctor Strange 2 Cast ? Doctor Strange 2 Trailer ? (Credit - Marvel Studios)

Who is stronger Hela or Dr. Strange ? Can Hela defeat Doctor Strange ? Doctor Strange 2 Plot ? Doctor Strange 2 Cast ? Everything you want to Know.

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Who is stronger Hela or Dr. Strange ? Can Hela defeat Doctor Strange ? Doctor Strange 2 Plot ? Doctor Strange 2 Cast ? Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness Official Trailer ? Everything you want to Know.



Thor Ragnarok :- Hela Goddess of Death (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Thor Ragnarok :- Hela Goddess of Death (Credit – Marvel Studios)



Who is stronger Hela or Dr. Strange ?


Doctor Strange :- today in the ballerina cut hela that God it’s a death blowing up against Doctor Strange the sorcerer supreme. suits coming on top here let’s find out Doctor strange was originally a brilliant neurosurgeon but suffered a nearly fatal carcass n’t understands crippled actor conventional medicine failed him strange embarked and asserts. that led him to the ancient one was introduced to the new world of magic he then making my student of the ancient one and match the mystic arts now
servants when earth protectors against forces a threaten the universe with magic and MCU there’s less casting spells or invoking mystical entities the more strange harnessing mystical
energies from other dimensions or form his magic he’s able to create outage weapons forming whips and swords earned the battle against enemies mouse-over the correct mystical shields blocking strikes from Basilius and even blocking attacks on bernabéu in Panos himself strategy is sling ring to create portals to anywhere in the multiverse insta
listening Thor and Loki otice location recording a series a portal for spider-man to leap through he can transmute objects like turning
fences at black hole to swarm of butterflies project himself into the astral plane that can send himself and others into the mirror dimension the parallel plane of existence that’s used to contain threats he’s even able to fire energy blasts and create dozens of clones of himself order to fight against opponents another strange also is magical artifacts tupla in his fight against otherworldly forces and threats the cloak of levitation and the eye of
agamotto with the cloak well strange is obviously able to fly but also protects him from
all sorts of attacks like his rented strange from being stabbed or slashed multiple times Luton art the way of objects see if it protected him when his back was turned it was unconscious
the cloak is even able to attack others talk what a casillases madman Drax even wrapping around Thanos’s hand there was the eye of agamotto well this is dr. Strange’s most powerful weapon with it stranges able to view all current features and possible outcomes reverse time freeze time altogether or create
time loops so yes we got one corner dr.
strange the master the mystic arts and the sources supreme of Earth but enter the ring in the other corner.

Hela (Goddess Of Death) :- well it’s hela that goddess of death in Odin’s first born hella is the firstborn daughter of Odin goddess of death insisted above Loki and Thor when she and Odin have finished off the nine realms Odin imprisoned he’ll do to her
increasing blood lust however after Odin’s death she was free from imprisonment and came back in the plane to conquer and rule Asgard and create a new Asgardian empire as the eldest shout of Odin hello chairman –
super human abilities it has farce appeared almost all other ass Guardians even more powerful than Thor after he had acquired his full powers she had a supernatural connection
to the realm of Asgard and can draw power from Asgard itself or a form incredible feats of power she’s strong enough to easily catch the Oni or just one hand well I was coming at her at
full speed prevented from returning to Thor then even proceeded to crush the hammer the palm of her hand with no real effort in fact Halleck consistently showed that he’s able to overpower younger brother Thor easily injuring him neither straining him with just one hand Hela’s also deadly durable as she was impaled with chest by a sword and payload by forward um near and hit with one of the largest lightning bolts that Thor had ever created and brush it all off with ease in fact they’re only beings capable putting head down for good beings Odin and Surtur’s level and looking also easily in manifest weapons and blades of all sorts some of them act will these
blades are just path enough to easily wipe out regular eyes Guardians but even injure and nearly kill Thor she was even able to conjure ablaze the size of buildings to fight I consider Hellas also immensely formidable and a deadly
warrior both armed and hand-to-hand combat as she was the original owner of Mjolnir leader that guard in army as well as Odin’s executioner in fact she’s so skilled that she was able to battle and store and valkyrie at the same time easily up at the edge guarding army and single-handedly slaughter the Valkyries and short hela is so powerful the hind L was even convinced that she was fully capable at taking over and conquering the entire cosmos so who wins well let’s break it down and after strange made a brief cameo in Thor Ragnarok helping Thor and Loki locate their father Odin
and absolutely schooling Loki in the process but he doesn’t really do much besides that definitely doesn’t help the revenge errs in their quest to save Asgard from hela but what if he had in fact whatever after strange to take you
on hella a loner who would have come out on top well today that’s we’re gonna find out and the first things first it’s obvious the hella is physically superior here so that raises the question just (how physically powerful is she)
but first starters she’s easily one of the strongest Marvel characters that we’ve ever seen and a lot of that is really based upon skill and her off of the Mighty Thor before she even made it back to Asgard and tapped into her true power she was able to stop lunar palm of
her hand meaning that she F was ever power to Thor’s throw whereas when hold her to do the same thing he was thrown backwards on top of he’ll even shatter Muno just one hand
with almost no effort up until that point that was supposed to have been impossible hels also proved that she has consistently been able to overpower Thor throughout their fights most of time he’s making it easily matched him
of just one hand while he was struggling
to contend with two then when it comes to durability allies shrugged off consistent attacks from Thor like they were nothing and even just the fact that she stopped near in her hand is a crazy durability feat I mean Thor has consistent injured powerful opponents with mule near yeah hela simple take that tack and her hand
not even flinch and it’s not just blunt force hell has also got our Marco build you stand up to piercing attacks she meant to stop Thor and Valkyries sword shrugs just by blocking them of her arm but it’s really hell’s ability to take attacks and not go down I met me so supremely impressed refer she was stabbed in the stomach by an Asgardian soldier wasn’t fazed an instant recovered she was started the stomach by Thor Odin’s spear gun near was it phased and insular covered and is not just sword struck that she’s able to easily recover from I mean Hallows even hit with what Thor described as the biggest lightning blast in the history of lightning there did nothing to put her down and finally we’ve got speed now the MCU as a whole it gets so undersold when it comes to speed well they don’t have the absolute fastest characters in the world they’re heroes
and villains are by no means slow I mean just look at hella she’s shown that she’s actually faster than Asgardian bullets movement Cape to block the bullets before they hit her she also
routinely outpaced or like we said even caught Mjolnir palm of her hand and Thor isn’t necessarily slow either he’s blocked most Atari blast blog and dodge ether blast and Malekith
both of which were moving at bullets like speeds then Thor’s Shoni control no one ever takes leave fast to cook sort of precede the hammer the same way he proceeded to bullet you can even argue that the hammer was moving faster in that instance yet hella is that what is a catch Munir when Thor threw it at her
on top of that hell is a but a conjure up swords the weapons at will she can throw them with amazing accuracy and they’re powerful enough to casually pierced through Thor even a city-sized Surtur also destroyed takes a skilled fighter being able take down all the Valkyrie guards elite fighting force defeat the entire ice guarding army by herself and dominate fights against both Thor and Thor and Valkyrie combined so clearly hella is physically superior just by a massive margin.



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Doctor Strange :- Doctor Strange (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Doctor Strange :- Doctor Strange (Credit – Marvel Studios)


Can Hela defeat Doctor Strange ?


Doctor strange could presumably hold off some of her blows with the use of his eldritch magic
shields considering that he did manage to hold off vanna’s with those things but hella isn’t vanos because unlike Thanos how about is it gonna try and just be landing one attack she’s gonna be landing get dozens of attacks all at
once so one doesn’t land boom just instantly follow up with another one there’s no way that strange can play that game of dodge and deflect for long I’m just getting completely skewered this was never about that her strangest physicality it was about its magic and
it’s a risotto date so what can strange to do in that regard well for starters I think it’s clearly obvious that magic does in fact work on ass Guardians I mean under strangers just toying with Thor teleporting all over the place during the conversation and he able to trap Loki in a freefall for 30 minutes and when look he charged him he just casually sent them both away with Loki being a powerful sorcerer and his own regard murder dr. Strange’s magic should affect hela just the same there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that it couldn’t but here’s a thing and her day is worth pointing out oh really two things first off Thor wasn’t acting aggressive toward strange was the image trying to fight him and Loki barely did
anything either.
hela will be thrown swords go for the kill right from the get-go without a moment’s hesitation secondly strange was clowning on Thor and Loki hard well inside the sanctum being able to freely teleport throw around like that all out
as much of a touch of the finger least me to believe that strange either been jobbing hard in every single fight he’s been in which is unlikely or there’s just more powerful inside a sanctum which makes sense considered the sanctum is clearly a very powerful place to be
he won’t be in the sanctum in this fight but we still look at the question on the table just what it’s not a strange kimmel of doing well he’s got able to form out his weapons rich from sorts of
staffs to whips he could utter shields Carol blocking attacks on both Dormammu and a nose and always his trusty sling ring on him with this sling ring he’s mentioned up portals to wherever he wants to go he managed to open up portals across the universe all at the same time and in a fight always used him to redirect attacks or even just remove someone completely from the battlefield and to them flying away to who knows where he’s capable of changing attacks in space stone into harmless summer butterflies she is the mayor dimension to block blessing the power stone or
just straight-up trap people inside the mirror dimension he’s critter dozens of clones of himself that can act simultaneously fire arcs of
red-hot energy and even open up dimensional rifts in the earth and drag it into me down into it before selling them off forever and how it doesn’t really have an answer do some of this stuff chiefly being sucked into another dimension entirely whether she’s a god or not there’s not really anything back from that so both can take the other one down that much is
clear so then the final question here is just who can do it first and that’s hela Doctor Strange  magic takes time to conjure involves a whole lot of hand movement well how look in just instantly conjure and throw her shields well strange has mail – Kurt shields the block knives
done a hand before primarily by Drax here he’ll be dealing with a whole barrage of swords so I’m not sure there’ll be enough time from the drop as defense and taunter a magical attack
without getting impaled in the process now presumably strange hoodies the locooking limitation to hold hella back and create an opening and that could possibly work things that held it back Thanos for a second but on the whole just think how it’s gonna be landing
more attacks will always have strange on the defense that’s also just how they fight both love a good monologue but how low will quickly dispatch people she wants to strange almost seems reluctant he says magic until he has to like inst everybody Maul the audience or even kiss Ilyas and that’s not gonna play well from here and yes strange was a bit of fighting stano’s the Hela and Thanos that just fight
very very differently but her strange and Thanos were staying a distance apart just taking turns hurling attacks at one another well hela presses the fight and close as it up the attack never letting their opponent to get a chance to strike they just fight differently so here’s how I see it under strange can beat hello he definitely can chopper the mirror dimension cinder hurtling through time and space even knock her soul out of her body I just don’t see that happening very often he never really starts off fights with those kinds of attacks
preferring portals and outage weapons and how old is repressing the attack from the very GetGo never let any stranger drop his guard another strange is a glass cannon get hit by one of those swords and he’s done and based upon what was seen from both of them in the past I just think it’s more likely to go that way and that’s strange insolent trapping in the mirror dimension wasn’t like that so dr. strange can win but I think he’ll hela takes the majority here hela wins.


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Doctor Strange :- Doctor Strange (Credit - Marvel Studios)
Doctor Strange :- Doctor Strange (Credit – Marvel Studios)



Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness ft. Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange & Evil Strange :-




Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Plot & storyline :-


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a sequel to Doctor Strange 2016. In which Doctor Strange’s friend is killing magicians. So that the earth’s balance is maintained. And also because of drilling holes in the multiverse, Doctor Strange has got into more trouble. Now let’s see how Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff cope with all these difficulties.


Source IMDb


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness cast :-

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange, Evil Doctor Strange

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo

Benedict Wong as Wong

Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer

Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez

Soo Cole as Novice Warrior


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Release date :-


France 4 May 2022
Italy 4 May 2022
South Korea 4 May 2022
Netherlands 4 May 2022
Australia 5 May 2022
Denmark 5 May 2022
Hungary 5 May 2022
Mexico 5 May 2022
Thailand 5 May 2022
Canada 6 May 2022
UK 6 May 2022
Ireland 6 May 2022
Iceland 6 May 2022
Lithuania 6 May 2022
Russia 6 May 2022
Turkey 6 May 2022
USA 6 May 2022


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