Flash Actor Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii. Is Replacing Ezra Miller With Grant Gustin In The Flash. EveryThing You Want To Know. (Credit - DC Comics & Warner Bros)

Flash Actor Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii. Is Replacing Ezra Miller With Grant Gustin In The Flash. EveryThing You Want To Know.

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Flash Actor Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii. Is Replacing Ezra Miller With Grant Gustin In The Flash. EveryThing You Want To Know.



Zack Snyder's Justice league :- Ezra Miller as Flash ( Credit - DC Comics & Warner Bros)
Zack Snyder’s Justice league :- Ezra Miller as Flash ( Credit – DC Comics & Warner Bros)


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Flash Actor Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii


We could be seeing a recast Flash. When it comes to the future of the DCEU because. let’s just call what’s been happening at Warner Bros the last couple days a complete. bloodbath of get rid of anybody that made any call in the last couple of years in relation to anything Warner Bros or DC because discoveries taking over they’re getting rid of everybody and from what we understand and now multiple other sources and big outlets variety they’re all confirming it Warner Bros held some meetings. they are very worried about ezra miller and once the court date hits they’re afraid once more details come out and people have to testify and more details are made available. it’s going to look bad and they might preemptively have to strike on this so yes they done goofed. they don’t do the goof i mean the fact that we’re hearing coming out of these meetings that they’ve openly discussed hey we might have to recast the flash because this could do that much damage. i mean the flash is starting to look like a pr nightmare like it’s yeah at the end of the day is the flash when’s the flash coming out next june now. i don’t i won’t remember it by then oh no i remember. i mean they won’t but do you think
keeping him around or keeping them around because i know he likes to i always mess up with what we’re supposed to call her because i am god damn them yeah so is that gonna be an issue because i mean amber heard still in aquaman. yeah it’s Warner Bros don’t give a crap like this is my problem right you know where’s the consistency you know why is amber heard still allowed to quote act because she’s horrendous yeah but ezra mid is like oh we don’t know but i don’t know um i suppose it depends how bad it gets you know if they legit get arrested and sent to prison for however long i doubt they will then sure you kind of have to recast i assumed you’re gonna convince him to plead guilty that’s the thing. that’s if it gets that far which i don’t know but then there’s also the thing of you know he was all day sorry. having like meltdowns on the set nothing like he’s fighting people you just apparently could tell they were losing a little bit so yeah. it’s one of those i hope they get the help that they deserve same same ye. it’s very unfortunate that’s the whole situation. whether they react or not we don’t know they didn’t react an amber herd thing they’re sticking by her even though there’s going to be more court trials and stuff happening with that now but the thing here is Warner Bros if they made their bed and they’re you know lying in they’re not willing to budge but a discovery is the fact of here in it discovery here might need to put their foot down and go we will not it’s kind of like the microsoft buying activision situation where they’re like we’re gonna support all this stuff and all this and suddenly they are acquiring activision we hear more about things happening in microsoft studios that are pretty horrendous and on par and it’s like oh microsoft just they were just talking but they weren’t walking to walk so it you don’t want to get into that position i think discovery’s going to have to make a example like we won’t support this because it’s going to look back on that bad on them when they do their first investors call look we have great things coming out such as the flash which we acquired in the merger and the investors just going to go but how about the whole situation it’s going to be very interesting how they work yes it’s i don’t know it’s a tough one to call personally it’s i honestly don’t know i don’t know what i do yeah because do you treat it like the ben affleck situation where he obviously had a rough time going on with justice league and all tha and that was the unfortunate thing you know you bring that up like when did ben affleck bust into someone’s room and starting to kill a guy and his wife like no great optics on that yeah like at the end of the day my hope is ezra gets to help he like they need but it’s such a terrible situation for everyone involved and it’s quite clearly there’s a lot of pressure on these films ezra i guess gotta carry the weight of the entire thing on your back right so yeah it’s his first big movie yeah well no not on their own you know it’s there’s affleck keaton and several other people in this movie but this is the flash right it’s like yeah yeah it’s i mean people be like for so for some strange reason that certain i don’t even really know what i’m bringing up but there’s people on twitter going oh if ray fisher was part of it he would have had the friendship he needs and he would have been all right like excuse me i highly doubt ray fisher would have made any impact on whether ezra miller struggled with the movie or not right i was gonna say like ray fisher would just be like all right well we’ve ended racism so i guess i’m out that’s it like what yeah come on yeah because where’s the accountability over entertainment for ezra and amber yeah dead flatline and that’s the thing like this story isn’t going to go away once the court date happens which is set in like the next week or so probably on the next podcast we might cover what happens with it because the decision might be because by then it looks like discovery will fully have been approved and they will officially have acquired everything and more people will be cut and we’re kind of gonna know some of the general ideas of what’s happening and we’ll talk more about it but for right now just know that this whole situation is a giant mess that’s kind of what it is.


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Is Replacing Ezra Miller With Grant Gustin In The Flash


The Flash Season 8 :- Grant Gustin as Flash (Credit - DC Comics & Warner Bros)
The Flash Season 8 :- Grant Gustin as Flash (Credit – DC Comics & Warner Bros)


After news of this meeting approximately Miller got out, enthusiasts commenced debating the destiny of The Flash, the man or woman they have played in Justice League that changed into set to get a key DCEU spin-off. And if Warner Bros. Is not transferring ahead with Miller, lovers have a completely unique concept of who may want to replace them. That would be Grant Gustin, the actor who has performed the Flash on the CW throughout eight seasons and one hundred fifty+ episodes on account that 2014, and he’s just signed on for a 9th season. Fans are rallying to mention Gustin merits a danger to shine at the big screen with a real, non-CW budget. I don’t know about the what did you want to fight is that man just throw the whole movie away so the flash it’s a cursed movie i’m pretty certain this thing is just not coming out it’s been stuck in developmental hell since 2016. it’s gone through different directors different writers and from what i can gather it’s been delayed four or five times and the star ezra miller has been building a list of off-screen controversies and i’ll keep it real with you guys i’m really not looking forward to this movie so i figured hell let’s go through a timeline of horror to see what issues this film has had and then you’ll probably understand why i have no faith in it. i can gather the pre-production started back in 2016 with a release date of march 2018 with seth graham smith to write and direct but not long after he ended up leaving the project but apparently they kept the script and the journal idea for the story then in mid-2016 rick familia from you. rick famous joined the project and was set to direct but then he left later that year in october due to the creative differences so by the end of 2016 they went through two directors and now that 2018 release date was scrapped so the film was put on ice and they spent the next few years looking for someone to direct the movie fast forward to early 2019 they pick up christina hodson torewrite the movie and annie muschietti to direct they were now looking at july 2022 release date and now they were in pre-production stages we work on the script handling the casting all that good stuff before they could actually start filming code would happen in early 2020 delaying all that but finally they actually got on set and started filming in april 2021 and finished of october that year the july 2022 release date was now scrapped and was instead pushed back to later that year it’s not looking at like a winter 2022 window but wait right before they actually started filming ray fisher who was set to appear as cyborg was removed from the project after speaking out against the president of dc films walter ramada this happened early in 2021 right before filming for the flash movie started which of course meant that rewrites would have to occur on short notice now fast forward to october 2021’s dc fandom event and we finally get our first official trailer for the flash movie and then nothing the most recent update is that the film has now been pushed back again to june 2023 so this project has had many different people just come and went and has been delayed pushed back for years those reasons alone are more than enough to make me lose faith in this project but now it comes time to talk about the controversies that the star ezra miller has gotten himself into talk to you soon okay the earliest controversy was back in 2020 when he was recorded choking a woman so the story around this one is a bit blurry i’ve seen people claim that they were friends and they were messing around others say that the woman was harassing him not sure what the true story is but this caused a bit of a stir but didn’t actually amount to much it was seemingly just swept under the rug i don’t wanna fight you flash the second thing that got the media’s attention was in january 2022 which was actually a pretty funny one ezra miller recorded a video of himself in his car telling the to kill themselves but then he also threatens to kill them if they don’t it was a weird video and maybe don’t know if he was being serious or joking or this was like for a movie and was a way to get attention for it but regardless a lot of people took notice and thought it was kind of strange if y’all wanna die i suggest just killing yourselves with your own guns and now most recently while in hawaii a few things happened he was arrested for disorderly conduct in a karaoke bar he was young that people were getting pretty rowdy and thus after a couple of threats the police were called he was arrested but apparently the story is that ezra and his friends were getting ignored and disrespected and refused service at the bar so that’s why things started to get out of hand but after the arrest a couple placed a restraining order against ezra miller because he apparently broke into their apartment and threatened to kill them while he was stealing stuff but apparently weeks before the arrest and
the restraining order miller had a run-in with the cops outside of a bar hewas told that he couldn’t come in but he tried to come in anyway resulted in some shoving and eventually the cops got called because he refused to leave now after all this happened some news broke out about how he was on the set of the flash and apparently he would have frequent meltdowns and outbursts they weren’t violent outbursts but he would break down during filming apparently an emergency meeting took place at warner brothers to discuss ezra miller’s future but now oracles are updating the story saying that that meeting actually never took place so i’m not so sure about that one after seeing one about remove actors like johnny depp for having controversy outside of the movie set i wouldn’t be surprised if ezra got removed from future warner brothers projects but since they’re removing controversial actors from their movies why the hell is amber heard still working on aquaman 2. be sure to keep your guard up momoa so as of right now that’s the latest issues with the flash movie numerous directors that came and went it’s been delayed for nearly five years now and ezra miller himself seems to be having more and more controversies offset after hearing about him having meltdowns while filming he really needs to seek some help his baby has become more unhinged and i wouldn’t be surprised if he gets dropped from future warner brother projects so all this is why i don’t have faith in this movie and why i think it’s a cursed film it seems like it’s destined to stay in developmental health and with the rumors that this movie will apparently be used to reboot the DCEU and to introduce the multiverse that means that even if ezra miller is dropped from the future projects they could just easily cast someone else to be the flash and use someone else like wally west but that’s just a theory i’m just ready for this movie to get released and just get it over with it really has the makings of a disaster but yeah i think we’re all up to speed that’s why i think it’s a cursed movie and i’m not excited for it but i’m curious leave a comment let me know if you’re excited for the flash movie and what do you think ezra mill’s future will be in the flash films or other warner brothers projects they’re gonna let them go.


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Warner Bros.’s The Flash 2022 Trailer :-



Warner Bros.’s The flash 2022 Movie Prediction Plots & Storyline :-


The film is confirmed NOT to be an origin story

Rumoured to have Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as the Flashpoint versions of their ‘Batman V Superman‘ characters Thomas and Martha Wayne. In the alternate timeline it was Bruce who was killed outside the theatre not his parents. This resulted in Martha suffering an emotional breakdown and becoming The Joker and Thomas becoming The Batman to stop her.

This film is based on the “Flashpoint” storyline, where the Flash created an alternate universe by accident whilst trying to prevent his mother’s death. This results in a new reality where the world is in chaos and Barry Allen must locate and bring together a Justice League to make things right


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Ezra Miller’s The Flash 2022 Movie Cast :-


Ezra Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Sasha Calle as Supergirl

Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen

Additionally, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Rudy Mancuso, and Luke Brandon Field have been cast in undisclosed roles


The Flash 2022 Release date :-


HuArgentina         June 2023
American Samoa June 2023
Benin                June 2023
Burma                June 2023
Canada               June 2023
Cameroon       June 2023
Germany       June 2023
Gabon               June 2023
UK                       June 2023
Portugal              June 2023
Russia              June 2023
Sweden              June 2023
Slovakia              June 2023
Zambia              June 2023
Zimbabwe          June 2023
Turkey        23 June 2023
USA        23 June 2023


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