Will Tom Hiddleston be in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Will Loki appear in Thor Love and Thunder 

This question was going on in a lot of discussion 

And then tom hiddleston confirmed at an event that Loki didn’t appear in Thor Love and Thunder  

Marvel Studios announced a few months ago that after Avengers Endgame, they will now show Thor’s character in Thor 4. 

And Thor’s new movie Thor 4 is named Thor Love and Thunder. Whose lead actor Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor 

Taika Waititi, the director of Thor Love and Thunder, has confirmed this.  Loki does not appear in Thor Love and Thunder  

But we have known Marvel Studios for a long time.  Marvel Studios Never Reveal Its Secrets . That’s why I am not ready to believe that any movie of Thor can be made without Loki . 

Whether Marvel Studios shows Loki in a flashback Scene or in some other way . But Marvel Studios will definitely show Loki in Thor Love and Thunder 

When Does Thor Love And Thunder comes out On Disney Plus Hotstar 

Will Loki Be In Thor Love And Thunder?