Will there be a Shazam vs Black Adam

This topic is about a possible future movie, Shazam vs Black Adam.

Right now, there is no confirmation of such a movie, but it's possible that we may see it in the future

In this post, we'll discuss the possibility of this movie and what it could be like.

What would a Shazam vs Black Adam movie be like?

If such a movie were to be made, it would likely pit the two characters against each other in an epic battle.

Black Adam is a powerful sorcerer and Shazam is a powerful superhero.

It would be interesting to see how these two characters would fare against each other.

There is no telling who would win in such a battle, but it would be exciting to see.

Such a movie would be full of action and would be sure to please fans of both characters. Hopefully, we will see this movie in the future.

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