Marvel DC Crossover

Why does Black Adam look almost exactly like Shazam  ?

Dwayne Johnson " The Rock " -  Teth-Adam / Black Adam

Zachary Levi as Shazam

Is Black Adam like Shazam. He is and he is not.

When it comes to their powers, Black Adam gets his powers from the Egyptian gods while Shazam gets his powers from the Greek/Roman gods.

Each letter of the word Shazam represents a god or demigod. And with each letter comes one power. Shazam for Black Adam represents Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton and Menthu.

Shazam for Shazam represents Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. And of course in creativity Black Adam wins the gold because at least his pantheon is the same.

While Shazam (previously Captain Marvel) they even included Solomon that was neither a god, Greek or Roman.

Not to mention they used two pantheons. It's true that one pantheon is based on the other, but you need to be slacker to not use just the Greek pantheon.

How difficult would it be to have said from the beginning that Captain Marvel (Shazam) got his powers from Styx, Hermes, Atlas, Zeus, Ares and Metis.

Styx was a titaness. Her power was what gave the river Styx its powers, which is why it had her name.  And Achilles only became invulnerable (with the exception of his heel) because of the river Styx

Invulnerability works perfectly with the strength of Atlas that was strong enough to held up the heavens.

Hermes was considered the fastest of the Olympian gods running or flying. Ares is the god of war, so to choose Achilles a demigod, is going for the cheap version.

And Metis was the titaness of wisdom, prudence and deep thought. When it comes to personalities. Billy Batson and Teth-Adam couldn't be more different.

Adam has lived for millennia. And he has the extra wisdom of having seen what humanity did, and where to apply his efforts.

He's very practical, and if he does something there's almost always a reason. Recently DC Comics decided to make Adam a superhero or at least an anti-hero.

Billy has some of the advantages of youth, like optimism and malleability. But his youth can sometimes also get in the way, even with godly intellect.

Both were given their powers by the same Wizard, and so both are connected to the Rock of Eternity.  The Rock in turn pulls its power from the Sphere of the Gods.

Imagine that you and I were summoned by the same let's call him Magi (Persian lore look it up) and he decided to give us both powers from the Persian pantheon.

We would say Shazam and instantly the gifts/powers from Sraosha, Haoma, Anahita, Zorvan, Azar and Mithra would be ours. Just because we had the same powers wouldn't make us equals.

Our personalities are different. And one would better understand in time how to take those powers to their full potential, while the other one would most probably not.

In a way that's how it's with Shazam and Black Adam. They have the same powers even if from different gods, but they don't use their powers at the same level.