Marvel DC Crossover

Who would win, Superman  or  Black Adam ?

Dwayne Johnson " The Rock " -  Teth-Adam / Black Adam

Henry Cavill as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman

Dwayne Johnson " The Rock " -  Teth-Adam / Black Adam

I say Black Adam wins.

Captain Marvel and Superman have regularly been depicted as equals.

They are evenly matched in almost every way.

Both have had their cheap PIS wins.

However, Black Adam hits harder than Captain Marvel.

He is also more ruthless, more skilled, more intelligent, more experienced, and more capable in every way.

His savagery is unmatched.

Here he also shows great skill here, taking out an army of heroes one by one, targeting weak points, breaking formations, and turning them against each other.

When he wants to rampage, nothing on Earth can stop him.

So Superman is going to have a lot more trouble.

In their past fight, they were evenly matched.

They were evenly matched, but Adam didn’t use the Lightning of Zeus, and Superman used no heat vision or freeze breath.

Adam also wasn’t trying his best here, and he tanked a hit from Superman going all out, and got back up instantly.

Adam can call down lightning that will surely deal great damage to Superman, though it won’t put him down.

He can imbue his fists with lightning to add to his striking power

This is not a normal Superman, and is in fact the Superboy Prime,

who is nearly immune to lightning and takes a dozen high-tier powerhouses going all out to put down.

Unfortunately, Adam’s lightning will do more damage than heat vision or freeze breath.

Adam’s pain tolerance and invulnerability will tank the heat vision, and freeze breath will only slow him down.

Showing the resistance to heat vision and the power of the lightning.

Therefore, due to his savagery, his experience, his magical lightning, and similarity in levels of power, I say Black Adam takes this 5.5 to 6 out of 10.