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Who would win in a fight between Thor  and Aquaman  ?

Ok so if this is DCEU Aquaman vs MCU IW Thor, then I’m going to have to give Thor the edge here.

As much as I loved the Aquaman movie, Arthur just can’t compare to the Odinson. Let’s compare and contrast their abilities

Strength: First thing is first, Strength. Thor Physical Strength in IW before Stormbreaker was impressive.

He was able to reignite the Nivadelir Star by literally throwing rocket’s ship and moves the one of the massive rings of Nivedelir as an anchor.

Plus, despite the Iris of Nivedelir making Thor seem like a dot, Thor manages to hold it open while being burned by a star.

Aquaman’s best strength feat so far is lifting a sub from underwater.

Yes that was impressive, but the fact That Thor was able to do tug of war with rocket’s ship and act as an anchor for the ship while the ship was increasing power,

and hold open the massive Iris to the point of making it work again, then Thor takes this.

Even when Thor had just Mjolnir, his strength was still very comparable to Arthur’s, as he was able to stop Hulk’s crushing blow in Avengers with his own arm, easily

crushes Ironman’s armor, casually lift a car, and hold open the mouth of a dragon who was trying to eat him.

Considering striking strength Thor also has this in the bag.

Awakened Thor during Ragnarok was able to casually stun Hulk with punches and kicks, and even send him flying across the walls of an arena with a single hammer strike, ( and it wasn’t even Mjolnir!)

We haven’t even considered the fact that Thor was able to destroy a few starships without any weapons in Ragnarok.

Thor with Stormbreaker was able to destroy Outrider drop pods in avenger’s infinity war,

Which were much bigger than most of the Tallest Buildings, which also shows how much power he can pack as well.

This isn’t saying that Arthur doesn’t have his fair share of Striking feats as well, since he was able to shoulder check a huge falling bell that was going to crush a little girl,  

go toe-to-toe with Steppenwolf and puncture his armor, and regularly break through stone, but they are simply not enough to be put at the same level as Thor’s.

Even if we compare both of their weapon striking feats it’s not even close. The Trident of Atlan at it’s best was able to break Ocean Master’s trident.

Stormbreaker was able to cut through a blast from a completed IG (though it was not used to it’s full power) and again, destroy a Outrider Drop pod. Thor takes this category with ease.