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Who would win in a fight between Shazam  and  Thor  ?

The Battle between two powerful beings who have the power of lightning. But only one will be victorious

It would have to be Thor, the God of Thunder

Even as a fan of Shazam, I admit that there’s no way Shazam can win. In case you don’t know what his powers are let me tell you.

Shazam has powers from 7 Gods put into his body. He has the Wisdom of Solomon, which allows him to have a photographic memory, as well as high levels of intelligence, as well as wisdom.

Shazam has near unlimited stamina, strength (he has been shown to fight off Wonder Woman and Super Man evenly for a while),

speed (shown to be fast as a lightning bolt), courage, and ability to shoot out lightning that caused harm to Super Man and other powerful beings.

Now lets compare to Thor

He has near unlimited strength, stamina, durability, can shoot out lightning, and has his trusty Mjolnir, which is worthy.

I will be comparing these two at their current forms, not their most powerful forms. I will not be pitting Rune King Thor, or Odin Force Thor against Shazam.

Likewise, I won’t put Fawcett Shazam (when he had unlimited strength and speed) against Current Thor).

I say Thor will win with mid difficulty, as well as gaining respect for Shazam.

The thing is, Thor’s strength completely eclipses Shazam. Yes, Shazam has been shown to fight off Super Man and trade blows.

But Thor is on a completely different level. Thor was able to survive a hit from a boulder that had the strike force equal to the weight of PLANET EARTH.

His blows caused moons and other planets to be damaged.

Current Shazam has not shown any feats that are similar to Thor in the comics. Even if we put in Post-Crisis Shazam, he will still win.

Because Thor has two forms: His Warrior Madness, and his God-Blast.

When Thor gets really angry, he is inflicted with Warrior Madness. Which means that as Thor gets angry, he becomes stronger like the Hulk.

This is Thor choking Beta Ray Bill, who is roughly, his equal, with one hand.

In Thor’s warrior madness, Thor did not feel pain from Maestro, an alternate future version of the Hulk.