Marvel DC Crossover

Who would win in a fight between Batman  and  Spider-Man  Why  ?

Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Realistically, Spiderman should win. He outclasses Batman in nearly every category.

In a straight up fight, Spiderman is a lot stronger and faster than Batman.

Batman is a better skilled fighter but the difference in strength and speed is so huge that Spiderman would be toying with Batman.

Batman has more gadgets but that is offset by Spiderman’s natural abilities like his spider-sense and the ability to climb walls and swing himself all over the place.

Plus his web shooters and the different variations of webbing is a very effective weapon in its own right.

Batman can’t even say that he’s more intelligent, since Parker is is a genius on his own and Spiderman has more villains of genius IQ than Batman does, so he’s used to smarter opponents.

Even Batman’s greatest weapon which is his popularity, which gets him wins over Superman and the JLA… it won’t matter much because Spiderman is the most famous Marvel hero.

Honestly, the only way Batman is winning this is if the writers give Batman such an unfair advantage over Spiderman… like maybe allowing Batman a whole month of prep while Spiderman has no idea someone is hunting him down. In a fair, straight-up fight Batman doesn’t stand a chance.