Marvel DC Crossover

Who would win if  Batman  and  Daredevil  had a fight  ?

This is an interesting fight cause they are so close but if I had to chose one it would be DD. Why? Well I’ll explain it while explaining there advantages.

Intelligence: Batman takes this easily he is the second smartest person in DC.

Strength: This answer is surprising. Batman is physically stronger but because Daredevil has full control over his body he could increase his adrenaline rush to make himself stronger. So I’ll call it a tue for the sake of the fight.

Speed: This one is pretty clearly Daredevil’s. He has a 360 degree radar sense which is better then Spidey’s spider sense according to Stan Lee.

He can hear your muscles move when you’re about to attack so he can dodge before the punch. And he is faster then Batman any way being able to keep up with Cap who is extremely fast.

Fighting Skill: This one seems like its Batman’s because he knows all fighting styles but it’s actually Daredevil’s. Daredevil like I said before can dodge your attack before you even attack.

Do you know how hard it would be to hit him like that? The answer is extremely hard. Daredevil as a kid was able to take down a man in seconds and even break his leg without a weapon and he was two times bigger then him.

Daredevil was trained by Stick who was trained by someone with hundreds of years of fighting experience. Not to mention that Namor called Daredevil the best fighter he knew and he knows a lot of good fighters like Black Panther and Captain America. 

Agility: This is clearly Daredevil’s again cause he has agility that can match Spiderman’s and is arguably better then Spiderman’s agility.

As you can see Batman really only has one advantage so unless Batman has prep time he’s pretty screwed.

Even if Batman brings a sonic device Daredevil does have sonic dampeners and he can mostly block off his hearing and use another one of his senses like smell, touch, taste, or his radar sense to get around.  

Especially if we’re talking about Daredevil from Zdarsky’s new run well took down Rhino, Bullet, Crossbones, and Bullseye at the same time in less then a min.