Who wins Spider-Man or Venom 

Tom Holland as Spider Man / Peter Parker

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom

he has one big advantage over Spider-Man and that should be obvious as he knows Spider-Man quite well.

This gives Venom a big tactical advantage in battle.

Sure, one could argue that Spider-Man could use two of Venom’s known weaknesses sound and fire, but Venom has evolved over the years, becoming not only more powerful but also more resistant to his usual triggers.

This all indicates that Spider-Man’s victories are more of a narrative moment than an objective result of their powers and abilities, and we actually agree with that.

Talking about their fights in the comics, Spider-Man has won most of his fights againstbVenom, but they’ve all been pretty close, and one could argue that calling in the Avengers is basically cheating.

Considering Spider-Man had to fake his own death to get away from Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 347,

it’s safe to say that even Peter knows his chances of beating Venom in a straight fight are very slim.

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