Who was the first female super hero in DCEU?

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman. I love her Greek mythology background; filtered as it is through DC.  

I really like her blatant feminist streak, and that she doesn’t shy away from showing that women can be equal to men, or superior. 

I like that she protects women when they need it the most (like from Batman), but that she’ll also protect men when they need it as well. 

She doesn’t discriminate, except for her warped Elseworlds versions of her. And as far as her stories, and her fantasy genre-standing among other superheroes and peoples  

She’s a goddess walking among men, and the power and the responsibility that carries with it,  

far eclipses anything Superman and Batman have to deal with.  

Superman is an alien posing as a god, unintentionally. Diana is the real deal, now that she’s been turned into Zeus’s daughter. 

And Batman is a man with delusions of godhood. A mere mortal man, despite his fancy array of gadgets, and probably meta-human brain.  

She’s a central foundation of DC’s Trinity, and they would be very wise to treat her well in film for the next several years. 

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