Who Plays Hela  In Thor  ?

Cate Blanchett plays the role of Hela in the movie Thor Ragnarok.

Hela is the Asgardian Goddess of Death who is bent on destroying Thor and taking over Asgard.

Cate Blanchett did an amazing job in portraying this powerful and evil character.

Aside from her acting abilities, Cate Blanchett is also a very successful businesswoman.

She has her own production company, Dirty Films, which has produced several successful films

It is clear that Cate Blanchett is a very talented and versatile woman. She is not only an excellent actress, but also a successful businesswoman.

Cate Blanchett is a very successful actress and businesswoman. She has demonstrated her talent and versatility through her work in both film and business.

She is a role model for women everywhere who aspire to be successful in both their careers and their personal lives.

Thank you, Cate Blanchett, for everything that you have done.

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