Who played Wolverine in X men

Hugh Jackman is best known for his role as Logan/Wolverine in the X-Men movies.

When He Beginning in theatre and television, he landed his breakthrough role as James "Logan" Howlett / Wolverine in the Marvel Studios

X-Men film series (2000–2017). He has played the character for more than a decade, making him the longest-serving actor in the role.

He was born in Australia in 1968 and has had a long and successful career in Hollywood.

Hugh Jackman has also appeared in a number of other successful movies, including the "Van Helsing" , "

The Greatest Showman", and "The Prestige".

He is a versatile actor who is able to play a wide range of characters.

Hugh Jackman is a successful actor who has played a variety of roles over the course of his career.

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