Who is the next Iron Man?

Tony stark will be missed by everyone after Tony Stark’s Sacrifice But no actor can replace Robert Downey jr. 

But in future we can definitely get to see Ironwoman. And she will be Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan Stark. 

Or we can also get to see Pepper Potts in the role of Rescue by Potts/Ironwomen in Marvel Studios’ new Armor War TV series. 

Armour War Tv series was announced by President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige during The Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day on 10 December 2020.  

It’s lead actor Don Cheadle as War Machine/James Rhodes. 

But Marvel Studios has not confirmed anywhere whether they will bring Tony Stark/Iron man back in Armor War or not 

But perhaps Marvel Studios can also show a small cameo of Tony Stark in this TV series. 

Armor War TV Series will Release in 2023 

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