Who Is The New Black Panther In Wakanda Forever (2022) ?

This question has been asked by many in the past few months, with some giving their opinion on who may become the next black panther.

It is still unknown who the new black panther is, but speculation is rife.

Some believe that it may be Shuri, a youngcoded female actor who made history as Wakanda's first black Leader and Second opinion is M'Baku.

M'baku is the powerful and ruthless warrior who is the leader of Wakanda's mountain tribe, the Jabari.

He protests T'Challa being the new king, as he believes that he is not fit to rule.

M'baku is a powerful and deadly fighter, and his tribe is well respected in Wakanda.

His skills in combat make him an ideal leader, and he has many fans in Wakanda.

There is no one definitive answer to who will become the next black panther.

Many people say that it will be someone like Shuri, M'baku, or Nakia because they all fit the role perfectly.

Others believe that anyone who can embody the black Panther character perfectly would be a great option.

But which one will be the next big black Panther ?

But which one will be the next big black Panther ?  

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