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Who is stronger Darkseid vs Thanos  ?


he’s the mad titan the guy who collected all of six infinity stones locked out half the life in the universe  

and just like darkseid is the toughest villain in the DCEU what’s safe to say that thanos is the strongest villain in the MCU.  

he’s just as strong if not stronger than the hulk was able to easily beat the hulk easily snap loki’s neck and kick thor around like he was nothing. 

he was able to hold off both thor and worthy captain america easily overpowered iron man shattered his armor and even managed to crush vision’s vibranium skull (RIP) out the mind stone from his forehead  

and there’s his fight with captain marvel for almost a year we heard incessantly that Carol Danvers was the strongest hero in the MCU. 


well let’s break down what we know about darkseid in justice league

he was able to cause some massive craters in the ground he was swinging his axe around he actually managed to kill a green lantern  

and he’s fought against the old gods like zeus and aries plus we know for a fact that he’s powerful enough to kill aquaman 

because he did it in a possible future and it looks like he killed wonder woman too on top of that Darksied is undeniably more powerful than steppenwolf 

steps literally bowed before him and was scared of him and we definitely now know how powerful steppenwolf is he’s powerful enough to take on the justice league by himself although to be fair didn’t really work out too good in the end 

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