Who is more rich Elon Musk or Tony Stark ?

Elon Musk is a real business man who is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Company. 

And Tony Stark is a Marvel Comics character and he is the owner of Stark Industries in the comics 

And he is also a famous superhero of Marvel Studios. 

And there is no competition between them, but many people keep asking me such questions and I have to tell their answers.

Elon Musk Net worth $277 Billion 

Tony Stark/Iron man Net worth $100 Billion 

Last time we saw Ironman / Tony Stark  in Avengers Endgame

Who is richer, Elon Musk or Tony Stark || Why was Elon Musk in the Iron Man Movie || Is Elon Musk making an Iron Man suit || Who is real-life Tony Stark || Everything you want to know? 

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