Marvel DC Crossover

When Superman came back to life, he tried to kill Batman, blaming his death on Batman  ?

I think his memory was still clouded. He remembered Batman trying to kill and also asking him if he bleeds.

Superman probably did not recall fighting Doomsday with Batman. It seemed like he woke up like how we wake up after a bad dream and are confused for a moment.

It didn’t help when Cyborg unintentionally shot a rocket at him. That was a pissed off Superman and was a great moment for his character to show how powerful he really is when not holding back.

At that moment he had no regards to human safety. He was toying with all of them and could have killed them.

It was like an evil Superman enjoying his power over them all. Superman could have broken Batman’s neck, ripped him in half, threw him into space etc. 

It is a good thing that he toyed with him otherwise his backup plan using Lois would be too late.

He even toyed with Wonder Woman giving her a simple head butt to the face.

So it seemed like he was just out of his mind until Lois gave him good memories. It was exactly what they feared “Pet Semetary”