When Captain America  Was  Born?

On July 4, 1920, Steven Rogers was born to a pair of Irish immigrants. 

Steve was always a courageous kid as well as a diligent student, but he wasn't very athletic and he was quiet and introverted, because he was so skinny. 

In the comics it has been established at being July 4, 1920. 

In one of the shorter Cap series it went into a little backstory about his mother and growing up in Boston in the 1920’s and 30’s. 

Don’t know if this has been changed with the new universe and everything in the comics. 

However I believe in one of the Avengers movies they had a brief screen shot of some sorta ID and I was quick to notice that it was July 4 but the was off by a few years. Perhaps it said 1922. Either way it’s July 4.  

Being born on independence day is really not that much of a coincidence even for a highly patriotic famous person but I’m sure the writers planned it that way. 

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