What is black adam budget?

Let’s see the total budget of the other solo movies of Warner Bros.’s DC Extended Universe so far

Wonder Woman (2017) $120–150 million 

Aquaman (2018) $160–200 million 

Man of Steel (2013) $225–258 million 

And in the same way we can find out that the budget of DC’s Black Adam (2022) will also be almost equal to all these movies 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a famous actor 

And their fees will also be very high and the VFX of this movie will cost a lot. 

That’s why the budget of DC’s Black Adam (2022) will maybe $160–180 million. 

Black Adam Budget compared to All DC Extended Universe Movies. How much money has the DCEU made ? What DCEU movie made the most money  ? Everything You Want Know. 

Black Adam Budget