Marvel DC Crossover

What  if  Captain America fought against Thor ?

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Thor was capable of taking the sustained damage of a star hitting him for nearly a minute before losing consciousness.

Cap, while certainly a powerhouse in his own right, was put on his butt by a chitauri blaster shot.

Thor, without a doubt.

I love Captain America. He’s one of my favorite heroes. However, there is little chance he’d be able to defeat Thor.

Thor is just too powerful and doesn’t really have a real weakness. Captain America is stronger than a human, but he’d be facing a god.

Captain America could put his entire strength behind his shield and hit Thor in the face with it and it wouldn’t even sting.

The best Captain America could hope for is surviving. And the longer the fight goes on the less of a hope he would have.