Is  Spider-Man  better than Venom  ?

Tom Holland as Spider Man / Peter Parker

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom

As we discussed Venom does, however, have two weaknesses

it is vulnerable to sonic attacks, which can force the symbiote to separate from its host, as well as to fire.

However, Venom will succeed in suppressing these weaknesses, thanks to the symbiote and thanks to its training in space.

As for Spider-Man, his most pronounced human abilities are his intelligence and his resourcefulness, but this is all augmented by his superhuman abilities.

Spider-Man’s strength has been the topic of much debate, since he is usually perceived as weak because of his very slim body type.

Yet, Spider-Man can without any additional enhancements lift an amazing 10 tons! 

So, if you were ever doubting Spider-Man’s strength, just remember that he was able to support a building from crashing down on him. Spider-Man and Venom have a long history.

The two of them have been connected since Venom’s debut in Secret Wars via the black Spider-Man suit.  

They have often collaborated but they have also often clashed one against the other, with Spider-Man coming out as the winner in most cases, mainly because he is the hero of the story. 

But the comparison is really not that simple. Namely, Venom seems to be much more powerful than Spider-Man;  

He is stronger and can lift much more than Spider-Man, he is more durable, he has some exceptional supernatural skills and powers,

and he has one big advantage over Spider-Man and that should be obvious as he knows Spider-Man quite well.

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