Is She-Hulk related to the Hulk?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Original release date  is August 17, 2022  

Hulk movie was first released in 2003 and was not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Cinematic 

And then after that Marvel Studios released The Incredible Hulk movie in 2008  

and this movie was the first Hulk movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

And then Hulk continued to be in the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but he was not married yet.  

And he will again appear in the She-Hulk TV series after the release of Avengers Endgame.  

But many people do not know that She-Hulk relation with Bruce banner (Hulk).  

She is not actually Bruce Banner’s daughter, she is Bruce Banner’s cousin sister. 

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