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Is Captain Marvel really the strongest character in the Marvel Universe  ?

The makers of this film for whatever reason chose not to follow the comics and wanted a female hero probably more along the lines of Superman and wonder woman that had the overall power set an ability to become marvels version of Superman. 

Obviously I could be wrong. But one thing is sure. When they wrote this character for the films they did not follow the comics. In the comics she’s nowhere near this powerful.

Hell, she’s nowhere near even half as powerful as Thor an Incredible Hulk.

And people may say that she’s being hated on because she’s a woman. But we all know that’s a lot of crap.

People love wonder woman they love the scarlet witch. There are plenty of amazing and loved or female characters that are incredibly powerful that people would love to see on the big screen.

But this character which has been re-Boudet almost a dozen times in the comics seems forced. Nobody really likes her. She’s not a likable character in the comics and for whatever reason marvel won’t let her die.

Then they pick this character out of all of them to put in the MCU films claiming she’s the most powerful. No, one of the most powerful is the scarlet witch. Captain Marvel would stand no chance against the scarlet witch.

And I know many comic book enthusiast that would die to see a scarlet witch standalone. And I don’t know a single one that really cared in anyway for this character.

Nobody really wanted a cat a Marvel movie and this is why people say it feels like she’s being thrust down everybody’s throat‘s. Because nobody cares for this cared or wanted to see this character on the big screen.

Simply put, she’s overpowered because somebody chose this particular character to be a female social justice And feminist icon.

Maybe they figured by making the film version of this character they could actually do something for once with a comic book sales.