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Is Batman a better fighter than Daredevil  ?

Depends on which Batman and which Daredevil, for realism sake Batman from The Dark Knight, Daredevil from the Netflix TV Show.

To my knowledge, Batman has no way of slowing down his heartbeat, even if he could, Daredevil can track him by his breath.

Daredevil can also predict when an opponent is going to attack, so Batman's element of surprise is completely discarded.

In the movies, Batman uses Keysi (as his main fighting method) while Daredevil uses a mix of Boxing, Kali and Wing Chun (as his main fighting methods).

In terms of how unpredictable their attacks are, Daredevil is more unpredictable and considering he has his Radar Sense, Batman is screwed 

Weapons: Batarangs could distract Daredevil, but not for long. Any weapon used to block one's sight is useless. Daredevil has his Billy Club which is extremely useful. Batman still wins though

Will Power: These two guys don't kill, so it's up to who will give up first. Bruce Wayne would die to protect his city and so would Matt.

Hard choice, but Bruce is getting this one although I wouldn't know how long he would last considering that Daredevil knows (almost) Batman's every move.

Armour: Murdock has a virtually unbreakable helmet, a suit that has the red parts as knife proof at certain angles and black parts that are bullet proof,

the red parts cover the most of the vitals parts of his body so Batman's Batarangs prove to have no use (because Batman doesn’t kill, he would target the lower torso, back, arms and legs which are covered with the red parts).

Batman's suit is also amazing but his helmet is crackable(from my memory), leaving him kind of weak. I have to give this to Batman though because it's extremely hard to land a good hit with his armour

Verdict: Daredevil because of his radar sense, smelling someone's cologne 3 stories below a building is insane, hearing something drop to the ground after falling about 40 stories is insane,

the man without fear is the man who will leave victorious (Intelligence doesn't matter when someone can have a rough assumption of what you're about to do)

If we're basing this on the comics then I think Batman would win since he has “mastered” 127 martial art making him extremely unpredictable and also his weapons are much more OP, but there's a chance Daredevil might win too in this scenario