Marvel DC Crossover

How powerful  is  Shang Chi  ?

I will divide into three parts.

1. Hand to hand Empowered by the magic of the great protector The Ten Rings

Trained by 1000 years old warlord to be the perfect assassin. can fight in various martial art style such as Hung Gar, Baguazhang, Tai Chi , Wing Chun, etc

even with 10 years lack of experience, he was able to beat his mentor(Death Dealer)

2. The ancient magic of the great protector

The moment he met the dragon in the water, he got the heart of the dragon just like his mother said.

The magic gives you the ability to manipulate air thus can float in air or use in hand to hand combat.

It also enhanced you with the mysterious martial art that has been passed down through generations. The only martial art style that can beat Wenwu.

The martial art art style from gods can counter such physical strength , speed, from the ten rings making it the best hand to hand fighting style in MCU.

3. The Ten Rings

The weapon literally look like it’s made for hand to hand combat. can shape shift the weapon such as the whip and many more can manipulate massive amount of spiritual energy like when he defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness.

The rings enhanced you with super strength, agility , speed and durability . Longevity

He is already so powerful even without the rings. Defeating his father who lives for 1000 years and defeating an ancient extra-dimensional entity is such a big feat.

So he is so powerful for his first debut in MCU. Unlike his comic counterpart, he’s not master of kung fu mainly because he uses magic a lot.