How Much Did Vin Diesel Get paid For the Fast And Furious

He currently makes $124 million from the franchise as a producer.

He usually makes around $30 million per movie.

He is known for his role as Dominic Toretto in  action comedy film Fast & Furious Series.

In 2001, Vin Diesel was given a $2 million check for his work on the Fast and the Furious.

In 2009, Vin Diesel got paid $10 million for Fast and Furious 4.

In 2011, Vin Diesel got paid $20 million for his role in the Fast Five movie.

The actor was paid $22 million for Furious 7  movie.

Vin Diesel was paid $25 Million for the 2017 action movie, The fate of the Furious.

Vin Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious franchise, was paid a total of $30 million for his role in Fast (2019).

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