Why did Thor get fat in Endgame ?

Thor vs Thanos in Endgame 

when Thor attacked Thanos, he failed after that 

He should have Gone for Thanos Head but he hit his chest. Then because of this mistake of Thor, Thanos destroyed half the population of the universe 

after that Thor went into depression for not killing Thanos

And then he started drinking alcohol and for those 5 years he only drank alcohol because of this, Thor’s weight had increased And he had become Fat Thor 

The biggest reason for him to become Fat Thor was his failure 

After Avengers Endgame, Thor now embarks on a new journey into the Galaxy with Guardians of the Galaxy 

And then it all meets Gorr the God Butcher 

The one who has a weapon named Godbomb 

Fat Thor: Why Did Thor Get Fat, depressed And Weak in Endgame 

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