1. Blue Beetle is a DC Comics movie that follows a young man with superpowers defending his city.

2. Blue Beetle is unavailable on Disney Plus Hotstar because of the Warner Bros and Disney+ competition.

3. Warner Bros owns the rights to DC Comics movies and does not want to share them with Disney+, which has exclusive rights to Marvel movies.  

4. Blue Beetle is set to release in October 2023 on HBO Max, a streaming service owned by Warner Bros.  

5. HBO Max is an on-demand platform that offers a variety of movies and TV shows, including classic films and the latest hit series.  

6. Blue Beetle will also be available on other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, after a certain period.

7. Blue Beetle is part of the DC Comics and Warner Bros universe, separate from the Marvel universe.

8. Blue Beetle's origin story has changed over the years, but he is generally portrayed as an average person who discovers an alien or superhuman artefact that grants him superhuman abilities.  

When Be Will ‘Blue Beetle’ On Disney Plus Hotstar?