Marvel DC Crossover

Aquaman  vs  Thor  Who Will Win ?

Chris Hemsworth as Thor 

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman 

Durability: Once More, Thor takes this category as well. Awakened Thor can take Hela’s Necroblades which can easily pierce other Asgardians, and survives an explosion from the power stone in his own ship in IW.

Also, he was able to survive the force of a Neutron Star for almost a whole MINUTE, though he literally almost died in the process.  

I’m sorry but Arthur’s durability feats don’t even compare. Yes, he’s able to tank blasts from Black Manta and strikes from Steppenwolf, but are these guys comparable to Hela?

No. Can you picture Arthur taking blasts from a Neutron Star for a few seconds? No. Thor again wins this round.

Power: We already know Thor easily takes this one because in his awakened form his lightning enhanced punch temporarily stuns the Hulk, and to some extent hold off Hela.

He was able to, again destroy an outriders pod and cut thorough a weak IG blast.

He was able to destroy Hela’s Necroblades with his lightning and even temporarily stun Thanos when he was with Stormbreaker.

Not to mention how he effortlessly destroys outriders with just lighting shockwaves.  

Aquaman has not shown anything to be even near that power. At his best he create a water shield.

Now that i think of it, doesn’t water conduct electricity?

Yea sorry, but this isn’t a fight that Arthur could win. Thor’s simply to powerful, stronger, and take anything Aquaman throws at him. Hope you guys enjoyed!